Those Three Little Words

Back in 2011… this photograph is now out of date by 5 grandchildren (and there’s 4 more on the way)

I love you.

Sometimes those three words can be hard to say. Because we forget or presume or just find it difficult to express how we actually feel. 22% of people in the UK haven’t said, or can’t remember saying, those words in over a year, which at nearly a quarter, that is pretty sad. So, I thought I’d let someone special to me know how much I love them; my mum.


It’s hard to know where to start when I think about all that I could say about you.

You’re my mother, my friend, my confidant and my biggest fan. You’re honest, generous, kind, funny, sometimes a bit wacky lol but the hardest working and best example to me of how a mother should be.

I think you always appreciate and love your parents more when you become a parent yourself, as you see just what actually went into raising me and my 4 siblings. The sleepless nights, the dirty nappies and the selfless acts of love you and Dad performed for all of us. The amazing holidays and trips we had and just the random things that only our family ‘get’. You liked to treat us all equally, leading to you having to spend more money in most cases!

You gave up a lot of your Friday nights and New Years Eves to drive us to dances and hang around in the car until they were over. You worked nights and awkward shifts so that you could always be there to take us to school and be there when we got back. I seriously admire you and all of your hard work. When thinking about all that you fit in, with 5 kids, I’m in awe. Thank you for showing me what I should be doing with my children and thank you for being such a fun and happy grandmother to them.

You’re the best mum ever and I feel very lucky to be your daughter. I’m thankful for all that you do and I’m saying it loud and clear – I love you!

Rebecca x

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