Thoughts on Seven Years of Marriage


We celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary recently. Seven years? I know right, I don’t look old enough 😉 It has got me thinking more about marriage, as seven years seems like quite a long time to me (though I know, not long for some).

I’d love to say that our story was one of romance or love at first sight, but to be honest, that isn’t my thing. I am not romantic. At all to be honest. Friends and family couldn’t believe that he was the first one to say he loved me. There must have been a reason I was called the Ice Queen as a teen… It is definitely more of a story of love and perseverance. Lots of perseverance. On both of our parts.

We were introduced through mutual friends at a dance. My friend had asked me if there was anyone I had liked the look of. I had spotted this guy in a red t-shirt and told them about him. My friends said that it might be Mike. Then they said even it wasn’t him, I needed to meet this Mike. That was it. It turned out that is was this famous Mike and it just went from there.

I had a bit of a list of ‘requirements’ for guys that I dated and as I got to know him, he was ticking things off the list. I was rather picky but obviously he fit the bill. He was just the person that teenage me imagined marrying.



Seven years on.

We have had a lot of learning curves (who hasn’t). From renovating our home, to having children – though the former was much more stressful than the latter. Really! But I have found that we complement each other. He is reserved. I am definitely the more talkative and outgoing one (which I never thought I would be). He is good with money, I’m not. He plans and is really methodical and logical. He works incredibly hard. He is so driven an motivated. He aims high. He certainly pushes me to achieve more and be the best person that I can be. He is playful and silly with the kids. He can be quite serious in other walks of life, though, when I am a little more ditzy.

We have our own little things that we don’t always get. He enjoys reading factual books about finance, law or investments – I couldn’t think of anything more boring. I enjoy reading fun, whimsical books and he just does’t get it. He has an inability to just chill and sit. I love a good chill and movie night. We just learn what each other likes, work around it and love each other for it.

We have had our fair share of disagreements and silent treatment moments over the years but through it all we have grown and learnt more about each other. I generally want to just have it out and move on; he will hold a grudge a little more. We have both learnt to compromise and I can see how we resolve problems now, is so much more effective than when we were first married. Choices we (or I or he) have made aren’t always my first choice or what I imagined. But we have to move on together and work it out together.

So after seven years of marriage, I know that he isn’t perfect, and neither am I. But he is the perfect man for me.

Rebecca x

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