Three Tips For Staying Healthy In The Winter Months

With the cold weather well and truly here, it is important to maintain a strong level of health this winter. Gone are the long, hot and sunny days of summer. Our country returns to a colder climate, and perhaps even the promise of snow as the days grow even shorter. Yet the cold and dark does not mean that we can’t also remain healthy and look after our bodies properly. A few simple steps and a focus on self-care can make sure that everyone keeps in perfect health this winter.

Keeping warm

Of course, the cold temperatures outside can make our bodies more susceptible to more illnesses, such as cold and flu. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep warm when out and about. Purchasing a brand new big winter coat is the perfect solution to keeping those cold temperatures away – click here for some stylish and affordable examples. In addition to that, it’s also vital to make sure the temperature inside is warm and comfortable too. Turning on the heating is one solution, but one that can often come at a pricey cost. Try layering up indoors, using a hot water bottle or blanket, or having a hot drink such as lemon and ginger tea.

Eating well

It’s always important to eat well at any time of the year. However, with the added threat of more illnesses and the possibility of being less active, the winter months are perhaps the best time to consider a healthier diet. It’s sometimes necessary to treat yourself during the winter, so try to not worry too much about losing weight or remaining toned, especially around Christmas! Instead, focus on what foods are going inside the body and whether or not they are going to be boosting the immune system and maintaining a healthy, fully-functioning body. Meals containing garlic or turmeric especially are favoured by dieticians at this time of the year, as they are both known to help fight off infections and colds.

Taking care of our lips

Having dry and cracked lips alone can make anyone feel unwell or under the weather. Aside from looking unappealing, dry lips can also feel painful and affect the surrounding area of skin on the face. It is therefore vital to make sure that our lips are well cared for this winter, starting with a decent lip moisturiser. Choose a product that is rich is lip-loving ingredients, such as Shea butter or Argan oil. Coconut oil is also a great investment and can be used all over the skin and hair, as well as within cooking. Cocoa butter has been a lip product favourite for many years now and smells great too. Extra products like lip scrubs can also help to buff away any unsightly dry skin and keep those lips feeling soft and looking plump. If money is tight, very gently using a damp toothbrush on the lips works just as well too. Try and do this at least once a day to keep your lips protected.

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