Three Ways to Make a Statement in Any Room

Styling a room in your home is meant to be fun. Homes are meant to reflect our personalities and create a comfortable living space. That’s why we should incorporate all of the things we enjoy, whether that be different colours, shapes, or materials. Making a statement with our interior design is one way to let our creative juices flow and add our flair to the house. If you already have your eye on a statement piece, go for it! What’s the worst that can happen? If you need a little inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few items that can instantly make a statement in a room.

Neon sign

Neon signs are perhaps the most playful lighting fixtures. They’re fun, vibrant, and they can make a statement in any room. They’re great for shared spaces like kitchens and offices or to be used in bedrooms and bathrooms. They can actually be used in any room, which is incredibly cool! Sometimes, lighting fixtures are designed for one room rather than multiple, but a neon light is entirely versatile. 

Neon lights can be crafted into virtually any shape. This means they can be moulded into a simple shape or sign, or they can be made into words and phrases. Most of the time, neon signs can be bought ready-made, so the only tricky part is choosing what design you like best. If nothing takes your fancy, there are customisable options too. Plus, if you’re looking at the lights from Neon Mama, you’ll see there is a whole range of colours to choose from. 

Colourful rugs

Most walls in the home will likely be painted in a neutral or light tone. This is because lighter walls brighten up the home, making it more appealing and easy on the eye. However, if not dressed correctly, lighter walls can be bland, and a space can feel a little empty. Thankfully, rugs can create warmth in a room and make it feel more lively. Rugs can come in various different styles, but by adding a splash of colour to a room, it can instantly add detail that the room will be thankful for. That’s not to say a bright multicoloured rug is needed, that’s not everyone’s style, but hints of colour can easily make a room look more pleasant. Bonus points if the colours of the rug match other room accessories! This ties a whole room together and makes it feel complete. 

When choosing a rug, you can also consider different textures. If a room is primarily made up of one material, it may feel a little monotonous. For example, let’s say a bedroom has a wooden bed frame, wooden bedside tables, and a wooden vanity. These items will likely all match, which is great, but it may also feel too similar. To break the colours and textures up, a textured rug can be used. By using a textured rug, the room can focus on different elements, not just wood. The same applies for colour. If all of these furniture pieces are stained with the same colour, a coloured rug could break that colour up and create what feels like a more open space.

Add prints and patterns

One of the easiest ways to make a statement in a room is to add different patterns and prints. Thankfully, this can be done in so many different ways! Plus, multiple prints might work together, making a more significant statement. Different patterns and prints can also add texture to a room, breaking up bland elements and bringing everything together. If a couch is looking a little boring, a printed cushion could easily bring it to life. If a wall is looking totally bland, patterned wallpaper could add depth and colour. Prints and patterns can be subtle, or they can be bold; it’s up to you. One of the best ways to add pattern to a room is via blinds and curtains. These are often a necessity in any room, so you might as well have fun with them!

To make a room really say wow, you could use a combination of all three of these tips! They could easily work well together, especially if all of the colours fit into the same colour pallet. Before settling on any designs, you can make various colour pallets and mood boards to see what would fit in your room best. 

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