From Prepared to Pristine: 3 Smart Tile Maintenance Essentials

While choosing a premium tile may be the smartest way to avoid the need for maintenance over the long-term, choosing the right products is essential to maintaining the same effect as when they were first fitted. From cleaning to sealing, often the best results are achieved not from each product individually, but instead from how each are qualified to work hand in hand. However, as well as the importance of selecting pre-approved essentials or choosing the right colour, there are also several strategies every smart buyer should use to ensure that tiles are not just prepared with the right products – but made pristine.


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Stained tile; stained impression

Whether cement residues or grout stains, we all recognise the stains and scratches even the most minor of tile replacement projects can create. However, while replacing damaged tiles with tiles from a high-quality provider may be the best quick-fix solution before the next family gathering, leaving stains unaddressed often leave just that; a stained impression. However, unlike more time-consuming forms of residue remover, Grout Stain Remover is an example of a rapid-action product that can be applied to both glazed or unglazed ceramics.

Note: Do not use on limestone, marble or other acid sensitive surfaces.

Smart layer or attractive shine? 

The culprit may be obvious for the derelict castle with ivory at every crevice, but most buyers will be surprised to hear that the process of deterioration for their tiles is exactly the same. Without protection, years of exposure to the same elements means cracked tiles, duller colours and even sometimes the need to replace them again. However, while these effects may not be forever avoidable, many buyers are combining their trusted tile brand with a strategy that sticks; a shine. By applying a finishing product such as a natural beeswax, it has never been easier to achieve a surface shine that is not only attractive on the eye, but also a resilient protective layer against the water, dirt and dust commonly found in household contaminants.

Colours vibrant; grease repellent

However, for those seeking a maintenance essential that adds vibrancy to the surface as well as removing stains, many buyers also appreciate products such as a colour intensifier and Stainblock for their hidden secret function; an oil and grease repellent. For many customers, enhancing the vibrancy of existing tiles only leads to frustration if the product used to rejuvenate them fails to protect from the elements that made their colour fade in the first place. Whether oil, grease or dirt; each gradually decreases the pigment over time that is behind these deeper colours. This forward-facing solution is not only a brilliant way for customers to achieve the short-term result of rejuvenating tile colours in their power and punch, but enables tiles to continue this vibrancy by also acting as a protective layer.

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