Making Time for Time Away as a Couple

Lots of us like to keep our marriages fresh by having regular date nights with our other half. I’ve written about the subject many times on this site because I feel this is such an easy and effective way to make a marriage stronger. I know some people struggle to find the time, the babysitter and the budget to do this often. But how fun would it be to think about lengthening a single date to a whole vacation and making time for time away as a couple?

We all have excuses to put things off. Whether the money and time was available or not, leaving the kids for a week can be so painful! I do miss them so much. But I think that time to venture off with my husband to enjoy some quality time together is so important.


I do catch myself dreaming about vacation destinations from time to time, as we love to travel. When we book time away as a family, a lot of thought and planning goes into the vacation because of the kids. We might look at sites like for fun places that support my families needs for example. We need to be sure the break is right for them. I want to know that each day will be full of fun and entertainment for both of them. It almost seems like the grown-ups are left out of it. But for us, we want our kids to relish the experience away from home.

So when I’m dreaming of another vacation for just my husband and I, I’m really thinking of all those exciting things we could do as a couple. I imagine far-flung destinations when it can be just about us. We’re not always able to be together, so having an uninterrupted week for us would be quite special. My marriage is strong, but quality time together can make it stronger.

I can just see it now. An isolated cave away from everything like this one could be an extraordinary experience for us to enjoy. After all, a romantic vacation is about the two of you having time alone to talk, cuddle, share and be intimate. Perhaps you’d like to wander through a city, finding gorgeous churches and museums, or even boutique shopping!


Most of us have an idea of what a romantic destination looks like. It may be Paris, Rome, New York, or even the Niagara Falls (we went to Rome in August and it was amazing). I know there is little harm in letting the kids stay with grandparents or aunties for a few days. It will probably be like a vacation for them too. But it is hard not to miss them if I ever vacationed without them!

I think the strongest marriages are built on prioritising quality time together. How much time you can spare depends on a lot of different factors, though. My children are part of our marriage. However, my relationship with them as a parent is completely different from my relationship with my spouse. And that relationship is built on those special moments we have as a couple.

Have you ever been away just the two of you since having kids?


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  • I don’t currently have a partner but when my time does come to meet someone nice I will look forward to having nice holidays as a couple.xx

  • Ahh it’s so hard to make time for each other isn’t it? I have always hated leaving my little girl with anyone so we’ve had only a couple of date nights (they were lunchtime dates but still) :), we did have our first family holiday when Abbie was 2 and it was amazing to be together but away from home, I much prefer that than being away from Abbie 🙂 x
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  • We have been away, but it does take real planning. We went to a friends wedding together, and we’re going to verona in May. We don’t manage to get any ‘us’ time if we stay at home, so it always has to be a small weekend break of sorts.
    The London Mum recently posted…Winter Holiday Packing With A ToddlerMy Profile

  • We have had the odd night away in a nice hotel as a couple since having our three children. It’s not always easy to find the money or the babysitters, but it’s so lovely when we do get the chance, just to reconnect as us for a night or two. Rome is gorgeous, we went there as part of our honeymoon and I’d love to go back. x
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  • Mr H and I have been away for a few weekends since having Little Miss H. It is important to spend time together just as a couple. Especially as I believe that we are the foundation of our family. Little Miss H loves her Grandparents, so she always adores spending time with them and being spoilt rotten. In two years time, it will be our tenth wedding anniversary and nine days later my 40th birthday. I am already dreaming about going away for a week. And I am dropping lots of hints to Mr H. It would be lovely if it did happen. Hugs Lucy xxxx
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  • We’ve never been away just the two of us – though it would be lovely to spend more than a few hours as ‘just’ a couple again. Having said that, whenever we do get out for an evening we spend the whole time talking about the kids!