Time for an update…

Just thought I would update on all things Urie. Life is crazy busy so it’s nice to just sit and write about all that is going on, even if it just means that it gets everything straight in my head – as those of you that know me know, I love to be organised!

Well first major thing that (and I will need to add pics later), is that our house is practically finished. We had carpet fitted on Tuesday and it is like the icing on the cake. The rooms look so much brighter and basically ‘finished’. I had totally got used to having floor boards on show and constantly wearing shoes or flip flops around the house. It was so nice to take my shoes off and my feet sink into the lovely new carpet (plus taking my shoes off help to keep the carpet more clean lol).

I am excited that we can finally start to unpack those few boxes that never did get unpacked and actually see what is in them. If we have survived this long without the contents we can probably just get rid of most of it (well, if my hoarder of a hubs will actually let me throw anything out haha). I am also looking forward to putting up pictures and like the advert says ‘make a house a home’.

I am nearly 24 weeks preg and getting larger and larger! I think I am carrying quite low though (maybe due to my height?!) but I know it will get even bigger as these next weeks go on. We have a few favourite names picked out but think we will make an official decision when we see that little man. I am not sure I am OK calling my bump an actual name… not yet anyway! My brother and sister-in-law are expecting 3 weeks after us and I really want them to find out what they are having, but they are going to wait and see – I’m glad this baby (and I’m sure more in the future) will have lots of cousins around whilst growing up.

Does anyone have advice on baby prams etc? We have not bought anything for the baby yet so have all that to go. I just keep saying we’ll do it when the house is finished etc so we have weekends free to go shopping, and as the house practically is now, we need to get cracking! So guess what the weekends will consist of for the next couple of months?!

I recently got a new church calling which just shows to me how much Heavenly Father has a sense of humour. It is on the primary presidency. And not just any presidency, but Stake Primary presidency. I am meant to lead and guide ward presidencies how to follow the handbook and to best serve the children, and the last time I was in Primary was when I was 11?! A big growth opportunity coming up and I think it will be fun to go and visit the other wards in the stake. It will be weird not having a mid-week church activity to go to as I have been serving in YW in different wards ever since I left youth really. Mike is still YM Pres, so he will wander of to mutual by himself every Thursday now – what am I to do with this new ‘spare time’?! Probably reading the Church Handbook!!

I have really been enjoying seeing my family more than I normally would, for the past few weeks, as my sister is over from the US. Will get to see them again this weekend and next week as they come down here so we can all play tourist in London. We have booked to go see inside Buckingham Palace and there is a display of THE Royal wedding dress, so being slightly obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge, I am quite excited for that!!

Both my family and Mike’s family will also be getting together on Sunday afternoon – it’s fun having everyone together. The Urie’s have just got back from a trip to Utah though so my non-sun-kissed skin may be a tad jealous of theirs! Speaking of which, we are going to Spain (a month today – wahoo) as our last holiday as a couple before baby arrives. It is the last time I can fly really too so lets just hope they let me on the plane (and also, if you hear any reports of a beached whale being reported in Spain, relax, it will just be me and my pregnant self trying to tan!

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