Which Time Limitations Do You Need to Take into Account When Pursuing a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a term for an injury or illness that is caused by negligence. You can file a personal injury claim of any kind if the injury affects your quality of life. This is possible because being out of work as a result of the injury can affect your household income and stability. Other results that consider to be a result of personal injury include pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, tax gross-up, management fees, loss of capacity, court order interest and legal costs in filing a claim.

With incidences such as these, you can hire a personal injury lawyer do take care of your losses and assist in making a claim to recover damages as a result of the injury. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can help with determining amount of compensation and what amount you can get with the injury that has occured. Here are time limitations that you’ll need to take into account when pursuing a personal injury claim.

  1. Statute of Limitations

This refers to the length of time that a person has to make a personal injury claim following an accident. Placed in 1957, the Statue of Limitation Acts refrains a person from claiming any rights of a personal injury after two years less one day from the date of knowledge. The date of knowledge refers to the date in which a person had knowledge of their injury. Statute of Limitations do vary from country to country, jurisdiction to jurisdiction but generally range from two to five years.  It is recommended to file a claim shortly after the accident as it is easier to find witnesses and statements are more thorough. The claim should be made within at least one month of the accident so the process can be done and the opposing party knows the injury has been claimed for.

2. Children and Time Limits

For personal injury accidents involving children, the situation and circumstances are treated a little differently than an accident that involves an adult. Since a child is considered a minor, a minor cannot file a claim of accident themselves. For children, the statute of limitation is a bit different where the two-year time limit to make claims start from the date of the child’s eighteenth birthday. To bring their claim forward before their eighteenth birthday, a minor has the opportunity to do so if a parent or guardian does so on their behalf.

A personal injury claim is an important step to ensuring you are compensated for work done and injury that occurred during that work. It is in every right of the worker to hire the right people and file this claim to gain the rights they deserve. Many sometimes feel like filing a personal injury claim is tedious and unnecessary however it is essential for a person’s future career. So, if you’re injured or have been in the past two years, file your claim today and gain back the things you’ve missed due to injury.

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