Timeless Dishes in the Heart of NYC

Dining in the big apple can be an adventurous experience. New York’s Manhattan is representative of how America is a great place where cultures collide. From business industries welcoming each other to the culinary masterpieces that they offer to its inhabitants. You can go from one corner to get yourself a morning cup of joe, or towards another street vendor to get yourself served with breakfast bagels.

The heart of New York City isn’t just a place where cultures collide, but also where food tastes are brought together and evolve with each other. If you’re looking to bring your taste buds on a trip, Upper West Side restaurants in NYC can offer you a wide variety of choices for trying out different cuisines from all the parts of the globe. Here are some dishes that you’re sure to encounter once every block and that are worth having a bite or two of.


If you want to have something like a snack or something to pair up with your coffee, then bagels should be your thing. Don’t you dare compare New York’s bagels to the concrete-hard bagels given at airports.If you want to mix in more flavor to your breakfast meal, having hand-made bagels to start your day will change how you start your mornings forever.


You can’t say you’ve been to the West if you haven’t tried their steaks. Grilling dishes seems to be a staple for American dishes as more and more concoctions involve grilling cheese, grilling burgers, grilling vegetables, and even barbecuingpizza. Steak is an excellent example of what grilling can offer when done by the professionals. The Kasbah Grill’s Johnny Walker steak is an infusion of the classic ribeye turned on its head with the addition of a homebrew whiskey sauce, with sides.


You can’t say you’ve taken a trip to America if you haven’t tasted their burgers. With greasy sandwiches larger than your head to succulent sliders that can fit in your mouth. New York has a wide range of burgers that are sure to make you salivate and hunger for the fatty meal.


Though it can be debated on whether or not New York or Italy has the best pizza, it’s all up to your preference. Brick-oven pizzas in New York have deviated from the original formula as thick crust pizzas are becoming a common alternative to thin crust pizza made by the Italians. Not sure which one’s better? Then try out both authentic Italian pizza and New York style pizza in Manhattan.

Falafels and gyros

If you’re looking for middle eastern cuisine and Greek food near me, then falafels and gyros should be to your liking. Served mostly by food trucks, you can find a truck on a street corner as a lunch break snack or something to munch on while you’re enjoying a stroll around Manhattan. The middle eastern equivalent of the burrito wrap, you can feel how it differs from its Mexican cousin.

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