The Tiny Homes With Big Benefits

We may never be brave enough to take the step to do it, but we are certainly becoming more and more intrigued by this tiny house movement that seems to be more contagious than a smile. In fact, we’ve become rather obsessed with all things tiny houses. TV shows, websites, Instagram pages; we’re totally obsessed with them all. It is the best form of madness ever because it totally makes sense.

It makes sense to live in the minimum space you need as opposed to the maximum space you can afford, and that seemed to be the whole point of it when we got talking to someone who had embraced the tiny home lifestyle herself. She loved it, and she told exactly why she loved it, and now we’re considering it.


It’s Made For You

When we watch those shows, the thing that makes the hairs on our necks stand to attention out or minds start to fizzle like fireworks is how genius these tiny homes are with space saving ideas. They have beds which slide to uncover bathtubs, drawers that are hidden in each step on a staircase, mirrors that fold out into tables, desks that drop down to make sofas, even just styling your ensuite to be better with space, and just about everything else you can’t possibly imagine. And all of this is made to your needs and wants. Pure bliss.

Dream Home For Much Less

Whether you want to design and build a tiny house yourself or have a specialist team come in and make incredible changes to your tiny apartment, you can afford to do it with unsecured loans. No risk to your assets and no crazy mortgages to pay back, not when you can get your dream tiny home for anywhere between £15,000 and £30,000. That is financial freedom like you’ve always dreamed of, and you get to have a dream home.

Travel The World

So many people that embrace the tiny home life do so by building a tiny home that sits on wheels. That’s what the women enthusing about hers had done. She had it on wheels and towed it behind her to places as she saw fit. It used to be home is where the heart is, but she had home where her home was, and that came with her everywhere her heart desired. Of course, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But then she explained how her tiny home loving friends who had tiny apartments (pretty permanent structures) travelled incessantly because they were mortgage free.

Environmentally Gorgeous

Small homes give you the chance to be green superheroes in almost every aspect imaginable. Recycled materials, repurposed goods, salvaged bits and bobs; all of this helps the earth no end. Not only that, but a tiny home costs so much less to run, which means a few solar panels or a wind turbine and you are living off the grid. That’s what this woman had managed to achieve. She had no overheads whatsoever. She even had a water catch and filtration system. Less power needed to heat and less needed to cool, less stuff to run and fewer appliances to worry about. It all saves money and saves the earth, a little bit at a time, but that’s better than the alternative.

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