Tips for Choosing and Styling Your Console Tables

Console tables are versatile interior decor items that have remained in vogue for centuries. Many people gravitate toward coffee tables, but choosing a console table may not be easy. First, you must be sure the table suits your home decor. Check these tips for choosing and styling your console tables.

Tips for Choosing Your Console Tables

Once you know what you are looking for, choosing a console table is a simple task. Use these tips to decide when you are about to buy one.

Extra Space Never Hurts

A console table is not only valid for the top space. For example, if you buy a console table with drawers, you can have more storage space. With this, you can keep things you regularly use on the tabletop, and rarely-used items will go into the drawers. Many people also use drawers to store items that are peculiar to the place the console table is placed. For instance, if you put a console table in the entryway, you can keep the house keys or umbrellas in the drawer.

Think Twice About the Material

Your console table does not have to be wooden. There are many options in the market regarding materials. If you want something classy, go for a glass console table to reflect the light in your hallway. You can also opt for sturdiness with a metal or marble console table. Finally, paint it cheerful if you want to show off your personality.

Go for Something Different

No one said your console table should be like the traditional ones seen in farmhouses. You can have an eccentric console table showing your style. Go for a mixture of materials like wooden tops and metal legs. You can mix colours to make your console table different from what is seen in other houses.

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Tips for Styling Your Console Tables

After choosing the right console table for your need, it is equally important to style it well to serve its purpose. Check out some tips for styling a console table creatively.

Position it Strategically

The optimum styling comes from where you put the console table. Don’t use the console table as just another table in your home. Instead, you should put it where it can add to the home’s decor. For instance, placing a console table at the back of a sofa can help organise your living room. You can use the shelves or drawers to store books and random objects you don’t want to be put on your coffee table.

Use for Unconventional Purposes

There is no rule specifying what a console table should be used for. You can use it in almost any room in the house. An example of using console tables unconventionally is storing extra utensils in the living room. Think where you need extra space or furniture to anchor the setting and put your console table there.

Blend it With the Decor

You can add some accessories to make it functional in an exciting way. Console tables can be used as accent pieces in a home but should match the overall theme. You can either choose to make it match the other furniture in the room or make it stand out as an accent piece.


There’s a wide variety of console tables. Don’t get confused by features. Focus on your new console table purpose. Doing this will make it easy to choose and style furniture creatively.

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