Tips For Decorating Your Classic Coffee Shop And Cafe

Over the last three decades, there has been a growing trend towards coffee shops and small cafes. People enjoy the convenience and charm these establishments offer, they are frequented by students, office workers, and people from all walks of life, you can walk out with your double latte in hand to go, or sit and enjoy your cappuccino as you watch people pass by outside the windows. There is a consensus among customers queried that even though you can find a corporate-owned, mass-produced coffee shop on nearly every city block or street corner, it is the small, locally owned businesses that people love best due to their friendly nature and quirky ambiance. Today we will look at some great ways to achieve that small cafe look and feel in your place!

The Furnishings – There are a vast amount of styles to choose from depending on your tastes, but for today’s purposes, we will go with the classics. First up, consider Thonet bentwood chairs, these are the time-honoured standard for small cafe seating. Crafted from solid wood held together with reinforced joints to make them incredibly durable, the eye-catching curves that make them so recognizable are created by a special steaming process.

The tables must be small, but not too small, and several sizes should be available. Consider having some tables for two, tables for four, and a couple of one-seaters up against the window for lonely people to brood at as they gaze out at the world! The base style should be a good match with the chairs, we really like chequered tile tabletops, they can take the spills and always look shiny!

The Decor – Windows are a must, they provide natural light and a view of the world customers enjoy for people watching. The bottom of the windows should be near table top height and stretch nearly to the ceiling.

For the ceiling we like it tall and painted a black lacquer, it keeps the focus on what’s happening below.

As for the lighting, we love dangling pool hall-style area lights, high enough that only pro basketball players might be in danger of bumping their heads. Stained glass shades are a must, glowing jewels that brighten the place up just enough, but keep it feeling cosy.

Consider placing some mirrors on the walls, they make the room larger, reflect light around, and people like to look at themselves as they sip their drinks, why do you think bars always have them?

The floor is made of chequered tiles, of course, nothing says classic cafe like they do, and they are very easy to clean to boot!

Odds And Ends – The crockery should be elegantly simple in its design, use dark colours like red and black instead of plain white, they really add character.

The cutlery follows the same rule, simple, easy to use, and always polished to a blinding perfection!

Every cafe needs a blackboard with the menu transcribed on it including daily specials. Coloured chalk and some fun artwork is fine, but make sure it’s all easy to read from a distance!

We hope this inspires you when you open your own cafe someday!

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