Tips For Planning Your Next Overseas Holiday & Not Getting Caught Out

Heading overseas for a holiday is always exciting, however, by missing crucial details, you can derail your entire trip. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and not get caught out. Here are some essential tips for you to keep in mind.

Keep Up With The Latest News

Floods, natural disasters, political protests and other issues can quickly turn the perfect destination into somewhere to avoid. For that reason, it pays to keep up with the latest news by visiting a site such as By doing so, you can ready yourself for any major upsets which could turn your peaceful holiday into chaos.

Work Out Your Budget

You don’t want to have a great holiday but end up blowing your budget and returning home completely broke. A 5-star beachside resort may look inviting, but it isn’t worth maxing out a credit card. Therefore, start off by determining your exact budget. You should then start looking at flight and hotel deals that will help you stay within this figure.

Remember, there are many secrets to securing cheap airline tickets. Don’t simply book whatever looks good through the company website. You will also find that you can find accommodation deals by comparing different sites such as, Agoda, and Expedia. There are often deals exclusive to a specific site, and by booking through the wrong site, you will miss out on them.

Pick The Right Season

You don’t want to be visiting a location right in the middle of a typhoon or blizzard, so make sure you check the weather for any potential destinations you are considering.

You will also find that hotel prices are highest during the peak tourist seasons. That’s why many people take holidays during the shoulder seasons (the months either side of the peak season). Prices are typically lower while the weather is still good. Of course, it depends exactly where you are going.

Check The Infrastructure

If you or your family have any health issues, then you may want to confirm that your destination has the necessary medical infrastructure. Tropical islands may be the perfect place to relax, but they often lack crucial medical amenities. Determine if there is a modern clinic or hospital in the area. Ask your doctor for advice and whether they’d be able to prescribe you any medication before you depart.

Determine If A Visa Is Required

It may seem like it could never happen to you but many people will take a flight to a foreign country without checking if they need a Visa. This is especially true for those with a UK passport (as well as one from other countries such as the US, Australia, and New Zealand). Many countries will simply let these passport holders in for a holiday without needing a Visa. That means travellers can get lax when it comes to checking entry requirements.

Of course, now and then they will end up in a country that does require a Visa in advance so make sure you do your homework to find out if this is the case.

Visa requirements also change regularly, so it pays to stay up to date.

Check Passport Validity

Many countries require a 6-month passport validity. Otherwise, they will deny entry. You don’t want to get caught out so make sure your family or travel companions’ passport still have sufficient time before expiry.

Final Thoughts

Good luck with your next escape. By planning ahead and paying attention to detail, you are sure to have a great trip that will run smoothly. Be sure to research your location carefully, pay attention to your budget, and make sure your passport is up to date.

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