Tips for Updating the Living Room with a Chic Twist

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you will know that I am a major interior design lover. There is nothing that I enjoy more than giving a room in my home a makeover.

Recently, I noticed that my living room could do with an update; it’s not as stylish as I would like it to be. At the moment, chic, sophisticated designs are really in when it comes to home decor, as are pastel hues and interesting prints. All of which, are things that I would love to implement in my living room.

While I am not able to do up the space at the moment, as life is just too hectic, I thought I would share a few design ideas with you. Just in case you want to give your living room an update, complete with a chic twist.


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Go Neutral

If the walls aren’t already neutral, paint them cream or white. When it comes to designing a space that’s chic and sophisticated, simplicity is crucial. Have you ever noticed how all the most elegant interiors, such as in fancy hotels, are neutral? As many of the world’s most beautiful hotels have proved, when it comes to creating a chic space, plain walls work well.

That being said, something that can add style to a chic living room is a patterned accent wall.

This can be used to bring together the colours of the space, making the design more seamless. And can also, add a splash of extra elegance to the room. As long as you opt for a sophisticated wallpaper design, that is.

Opt for a Muted Colour Palette

For an elegant and sophisticated space, a muted colour palette is a must. The best colours to opt for are grey, beige, cream, and to add a little colour, pastel hues. When it comes to designing a space that is chic, there is no place for bright, bold shades.

Add Pattern

Using the colour scheme that you have chosen, it’s important that you add pattern to the space. This doesn’t have to be a lot of pattern, just a few splashes here and there.

At the moment, a popular design trend is patterned sofas and armchairs, so it’s worth considering adding these to your home. One of the best places to look is on the Multiyork website, as on here you can opt to have removable seat covers. This means that should you want to change your living room design, you can swap the seat covers for your sofa, to ensure it fits the new style of the room.

If you have chosen to add an accent wall, it’s crucial that you ensure that any patterned accessories or furniture work well with that. As every design geek will tell you, there’s nothing worse than a room that clashes.

Add Elegance with Accessories

When it comes to adding sophistication to your living room, the key is accessories. It’s amazing how adding a certain lampshade or rug to a room, can make such a big impact on the look and feel of the room. That’s why, when it comes to choosing accessories for your living room, it’s crucial that you pick each piece, carefully.  

For a chic living room, a chandelier-inspired lampshade can look fantastic. And, a couple of tall, elegantly carved reading lamps can add style, as can an intricate, shabby chic style mirror, hanging on the wall.

Giving your living room, an elegant update, is not as complicated as you might think. All you need to do is take note of the tips above, and you can design the most incredible living space for you and your family.

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  • Yes agree – giving a living room or space an update can work wonders! Our home is fairly neutral now (a new-build) but it works so well as I can accessorise with colour so much! Thanks for linking up and sharing, much appreciated 🙂 Jess xx


  • Aah you see — I absolutely don’t agree with you when you say ‘there is no place for bright, bold shades’ in a chic interior. Tricia Guild from the Designers Guild is of the UKs most amazing interior designers and the biggest advocate of colour there is! Her interiors are SO chic and FULL of colour. I love neutrals but I’m a real fan of colour too 🙂 Clever use of colour, in the home, is one of my favourite things. The taupe/beige/white/black Kelly Hoppen approach is too bland for me xx Thanks so much for linking up with us #HomeEtc