Three Simple Tips for Inventing Your Own Unique Hairstyle

Whether you’re a beautician, hair stylist, or just a DIY hobbyist with an interest in your own hair, inventing your own unique hairstyle can be a fun way to contribute something unique to society and culture. Unfortunately, actually coming up with something that hasn’t been done before is easier said than done.  With that said, here are a few tips to help you get started:


1. Take Inspiration from Pre-Existing Styles

There’s no need to make yourself or someone else look ridiculous by straying so far from the norm that you enter into left field. Thus, it may better to stick to what works by taking an existing hairstyle and adding your own flair or additional component. A good way to find rare and new hairstyles is to subscribe to hair magazines and popular online hairstyle blogs like My New Hair Styles. Even if later on you wind up finding out that somebody somewhere already has a hairstyle that’s exactly the same as your “invention,” at least it was new to everyone who saw it during the time you thought you had invented it.

2. Experimenting with a Volunteer

Looking at pictures and using your imagination can only get you so far. If you actually want to see what your new hairstyle looks like on a human being and take pictures to add them to your portfolio/catalog, you’ll need to grab a volunteer and get started. Fortunately, this should be easy because you should be able to find somebody who will gladly accept your offer of a free hairdo, so long as you’re not asking them to let you shave them bald or give them a mohawk. If you’re a hair stylist, then after you’ve successfully given one client your new hairstyle free of charge, other clients will probably want to pay you for it if it’s good.

3. Considering Abstract and Artistic Styles

An easy to way create a radical hairstyle that no one has ever seen before is to venture into the world of abstract and artistic styles. Although these aren’t as common among the general public, they’re big with models, celebrities, musicians, artists, fashionistas, and other professionals who take fashion and hair seriously. Hairstyles that incorporate interesting shapes, colors, and even symbols or letters may be a once-a-year or special occasion type hairdo, but they’re sure to make for great photos shoots.

Thinking Outside of the Box for a New Perspective

Anytime you’re inventing anything the best approach is to put your thinking on an entirely different plane from that of the conventional provider in the field. In other words, if you want to really shock the world with a hairstyle that has never been seen before, then you need to start by thinking differently from other hair stylists. This may involve using techniques or visual cues that haven’t yet been seen in the industry, but it just may be that such oddness will be the key to drawing attention to your craft.

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