Tips to Improve Your Child’s Reading

Getting into a routine, making reading fun, and leading by example can all be key to cultivating a love of books, but what else can you do to help your child improve their reading? Here are some great tips and advice from Childrens Bed Shop that could start a whole new chapter of your child’s reading life.

  1. Make Time for Reading

Set some time aside each day to read with your child. Research shows that reading to your children, whatever their age, can help them improve their vocabulary, comprehension and decoding skills, as well as increase their passion for reading by themselves.

  1. Create the Right Environment

The right environment can really add to the benefits gained from reading time. Creating this sort of environment involves considering practical elements, such as ensuring that the area is quiet and free from distractions, as well as thinking about adding factors to stimulate your child’s imagination.

If, for example, your child loves nothing more than reading stories about princesses, knights or diggers, a themed bed or bedroom could be the perfect solution to maximising engagement and fostering their love of books.

Imagine settling down to read your little girl’s favourite fairy tale in a luxurious princess bed, for example, telling tales of jousts and rousing victories in a midsleeper with knight accessories or uncovering hidden treasures in a digger-themed bed? Who knew that positive reading memories could begin with a visit to a childrens bed shop?

The right reading environment is also one filled with books. Studies show that children who have access to lots of books and reading material at home will generally read better and get higher marks in academic tests.


  1. Lead by Example

Set a time each day when the whole family sits down and reads together silently. Not only will your child benefit from the extra 15- or 30-minute daily reading practice, but they are also likely to be inspired by seeing you and other family members enjoying a book, a newspaper or a magazine.

  1. Make It Fun

Forcing your child to read books they do not like or at a time when they are not feeling engaged or motivated is unlikely to achieve the best results for anyone. In contrast, making the experience fun is likely to inspire a love of reading that should last throughout their life.

There is no need to simply restrict reading to structured learning sessions, either. Encourage your child to read throughout their day, whether that means spotting street signs on the way to school, reading a menu in a restaurant, checking out the TV guide to see what’s on after tea or reading the weather forecast to see if the next day will be good for outdoor play.

  1. Love Libraries

Regular visits to your local library can be exciting for children, especially as most offer environments that are far removed from the stuffy, quiet buildings of days gone by.

There are often activities taking place that will further inspire your child’s love of books, and your youngster should like the opportunity to choose new reading material regularly. This can be an empowering experience and make reading practice more likely thanks to your child having material to hand that they actually want to read.

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  • Lovely post! Although we do have some favourites, I think I would go completely mad if we didn’t go to the library for a regular intake of new reading material for the children! I hope my children can also develop the same love of reading that I have.
    x Alice
    Alice recently posted…More from my delightful girlMy Profile

  • I agree with these, especially making reading fun. My son used to hate reading, and even reading for 5 minutes a day used to cause a meltdown.
    In the end, instead of trying to read the school books, we went to the bookstore and he chose the books he wanted to read.
    After that, reading became a hobby and now, a few years later, it’s a battle to take a book off him!
    Laura xx
    Laura @ Dot Makes 4 recently posted…Weight Loss- UpdateMy Profile

  • Great tips. Yes making time for reading is very important. We read every night with Bella. She loves it and because of this her reading has improved a lot. We have a new refurbished library very near the house and we like to go there. The girls love it and they can choose a few books to bring home so it is always fun. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS, 🙂 x
    A Moment with Franca recently posted…My Sunday Photo – Happy 18 Months Old!My Profile

  • Great tips! The first tip is the most important. Above all else, children just need lots of practice. It is tough to make time in our busy schedules though. We’ve managed to fit it into our bedtime routine. I always read before bed so it seems the most natural thing to encourage my son to do the same. #KCACOLS