Top 5 Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Travel

“Not all who wander are lost”

If you’re a keen traveller then I’m sure you have planned your holidays for this summer already! We have lots of trips abroad arranged and I am so looking forward to a bit of sun and warmth after what seems like an endless winter. If you live within London or South of London I’m sure you’ve heard of the Gatwick Express. It is a convenient train running up to four times an hour non-stop from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport. Also on the route are a further four stops southwards to Brighton, making it an efficient service catering for a large geographical area!

With travelling to and from the airport is one of the most stressful parts of arranging a holiday, here are my top 5 ways to take the hassle out of travelling…

1. Keep costs down

Holidays are expensive enough as it is, so try your best to keep your travels within a budget or be left with a hefty credit card bill after the fun is over! Be frugal with eating out, perhaps even consider bringing snacks from home as food prices tend to be inflated at the airport. Remember that food cannot be passed through security so fill up before you get to that point. Remember to be savvy with the deals available on Gatwick Express and you can get the best deals on the off peak tickets. If you’re travelling with a group of family or friends you can save 34% on tickets with GroupSave for a group of between 3 to 9 adults – result! Ensure you don’t get tricked into paying for phone charging or Wi-Fi, you can upload photos and social media updates completely for free on the Gatwick Express Wi-Fi available on board and keep your battery topped up with free power sockets.

2. Choose child-friendly travel

Even though we appear to have come a long way with baby changing facilities in most public places, as a mother I’m still surprised at how few places have a functioning baby changing table! Gatwick Express have baby changing facilities so you’re able to plan ahead for nappy or clothing changes. Their spacious carriages are ideal for when your hands are holding little ones and all their baggage! If you’re pregnant when travelling, be sure to apply for their Baby On Board Badge so that other passengers on the Gatwick Express know that you should be prioritised for a seat.

3. Keep connections smooth

Always think in advance of how you’re getting from a to b with any stops or changes in between. Making this easy peasy is the ability to hop onto the London Underground system once you arrive at London Victoria with Gatwick Express. This means you can either get home easily if you live in or around London, or you can add a trip around London onto your holiday – bonus! The Gatwick Airport Station is step-free so buggies and luggage can move with you with ease, but think carefully about the steps at other stations and the accessibility limitations of the Underground. So long as you’re aware of these things in advance, you won’t be stressed by sudden changes in expectations!

4. Plan some extra help

If you’re needing to travel by car at all for your trip I would always recommend getting some help from family or friends to drive you so you can travel stress free and not have to worry about paying car parking fees for the duration of your trip. If travelling by train, the Gatwick Express offers Same-day Luggage Delivery via AirPortr so that you can be free of your bags whilst out and about in London! This is especially helpful if you want to make the most of your time in London (you’re so well connected to everything London has to offer!) or if you’re travelling for business and could do without taking suitcases to your meetings. AirPortr can deliver your bags to and from Gatwick and any London address – so handy!

5. Make it a little more special

For many the “holiday feeling” begins as soon as you leave the house on your adventure! So why not include as many little special extras to your travels as possible to add some well-deserved luxury? Perfect for romantic trips away or a girly getaway! If you need go by road why not swap a standard taxi for a specialist chauffeuring services where you can choose the car you’d like to travel in. If you’re taking the Gatwick Express why not upgrade to a First Class ticket? Buy online for 10% off at the checkout stage. A First Class ticket entitles you to complimentary access to the No1 Lounge at Gatwick Airport, all you need to do is show your confirmation email. The lounge provides complimentary hot or cold dishes from the kitchen, a self-service pantry table serving soups, salad & hand-made cakes, a wide range of newspapers and glossy magazines, and a fully tended bar. Talk about travelling in style!

I hope you liked my tips for stress-free travel! What would you add?

*This is a collaborative post, all thoughts and words are my own.

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