Top 6 Bathroom Renovation Tips

When we first moved into our house, it hadn’t been touched since the 50’s. The kitchen was pretty much one of the worst rooms in the house, followed closely by the bathroom. The pea green carpet was the highlight, I must say. So those were the first rooms to get renovated, and I’m so happy with how we have them now. I think when people look around a house to buy, those are the rooms that they don’t want to have to do much work to. It can be expensive to renovate a whole bathroom, for example. So you might just want to make a few changes to your existing bathroom, rather than replace the whole space. Getting some advice from a plumber can help too, if you’re looking to do something bigger. It might be worth looking for a plumber near Pasadena if you’re local. Here are a few tips for renovating or updating.



One of the best ways to change the look of a room is to make a change to the flooring. Depending on the type that you choose, it doesn’t even have to cost a lot. For a bathroom, the flooring needs to be durable and waterproof. Carpet is pretty much the worst choice ever! Stone tiles, marble or ceramic tiles are all great options they are durable and water-resistant. Bathrooms are usually on the small side, compared to bedrooms, so it is a good idea to keep the colours light and bright. Lighter coloured flooring will make the room look bigger and more spacious. Darker floor tiles will shrink the room. They also show more watermarks too.

You could choose hardwood flooring in a bathroom, as long as it is well sealed. UK Flooring has a wide range of hardwood flooring that you could look at, to decide what you like. They are good to add a natural warmth, which tiles often don’t have. So if you went for tiles, you could think about getting some underfloor heating. We had this, though and then it stopped working. As it was under tiles, it meant that it couldn’t be fixed without replacing all the tiles. So just something to think about.


As I have said, bathrooms are quite often the smallest room in the house. Mirrors are amazing to make the room look bigger and brighter, so work well for a complete bathroom renovation in Montreal. They reflect the light and add some sparkle. So adding a new stylish mirror will make such a difference. In my opinion, I think that one, large mirror over the sink area, looks better than several small mirrors dotted around the room. It depends on the style of the room you have, but the more ornate, the better.


If you have got a large, fancy mirror then you need some quality lighting to make it sparkle. Spotlights are a great option for bathrooms, as it means that the light is equally spread throughout the room. Some thing like a pendant light might work, as long as there is some other lighting in the room too. A strip light over the mirror might work, as well as a few more spotlights in the bath or shower area. Wall lighting is a good option for around the mirror, so that you can get lighting without shadows. Perfect for when you are using the mirror for applying makeup or other beautifying.


Consider a Large Shower Over a Bath

If you have kids, a bath is pretty much a must. If you don’t, or have an en suite that you could convert, a large shower might be a good option. Having a wet room that you don’t have to ‘step’ into is super stylish at the moment. One day when we have our own separate bathroom, I want to have a wet room. I have only enjoyed them in hotels thus far, and I think they are fab. A large waterfall shower head is a must too. Again, super stylish for a modern looking bathroom.


Add Elements of Luxury

If you have got space, it would be amazing to have a dressing table in the bathroom too. Though I am sure, that is more of the exception rather than the rule! If you can add flowers or plants, it makes the room look more exotic or tropical. Check for the type of plants that thrive in moist conditions, though. You could add shelving for towels, so it is set out like a spa. Something like an old wine rack works wonders for that; it looks so striking on the wall.

Choose Stylish Fixtures

If you want to make some changes, how about making the bath a feature and getting a claw-foot, freestanding bath? Would a pedestal vanity work in the bathroom you have? Features like this are a little more unusual but can look so good.


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  • Wow, all of these are great ideas! The black and white tile looks so nice in the bathroom, especially next to that tub. All of these bathrooms look so neat, but still have so much character! Nicely done! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Hey Rebecca

    This is the post I was looking for and finally my search ends here.You have Beautifully mentioned the necessities of a perfect bathroom.I thought of renovating my bathroom and I will surely put all the key points in my bathroom .I am going to decorate it the way you have explained.I will decorate it with big mirrors and the luxury you had talked about .I loved the dressing table you had placed here in your pics.This post is simply amazing.Keep posting such stuff.

    Fred Wingg

  • Choosing a floor that waterproof is a great tip. It will save money if you don’t have to worry about potential water damage. A professional will be able to evaluate your basement to make sure that it is waterproofed effectively.

  • Awesome tips, Rebecca! I absolutely agree on lighting and mirrors. I personally prefer having one large mirror installed rather than spreading out small ones, it just adds more depth in the whole space.

  • Thanks a lot for talk about how you should take the time to remodel your bathroom in a way that will add style and durability to your space. We are preparation on renovating our bathroom and want to make sure we get the results we want to add value to our old home. I’m so glad I found your post.

  • I’m certain that remodeling a bathroom can be a significant expensive affair. Perhaps I should find somebody in my general vicinity who can assist me with my plans. My wife and I drew up some stuff that we might want to find in our bathroom. We don’t know if it’s conceivable to do, however.

  • Thanks for the tip of choosing lighter-colored tiles to help enlarge the feel of a room. My wife and I want to renovate our flooring and we aren’t sure what kind of flooring we want in our bathroom. We will be sure to look around to find a company with a variety of flooring options.

  • Condominiums have limited space, and if you are looking to increase your bathroom space, planning will be essential. You also cannot convert a cupboard into extra bathroom space, for example, without obtaining approval from your Condo Board. Any changes to your condo apartment require well-thought out designs if you want permission, a professional condo renovation company can help with this.
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  • Hi there! I just love your blog. Thank you for sharing some important features that every bathroom needs for its next renovation. I will surely use these designs and features for my bathroom also. Thanks again and keep posting such types of posts.


  • My mom is thinking about renovating her bathroom so that she can have more space to move around and can have a bigger vanity. She would really like to get some help from a professional so that all the plumbing and lighting will hook up correctly. I liked what you said about how many mirrors don’t look as good as one big mirror because they add dimension and make a room look better.

    • The “Top 6 Bathroom Renovation Tips” is a renovation roadmap that navigates you through the complexities of transforming your bathroom. With expert advice on everything from choosing materials to optimizing layouts, this guide is a must-read before tackling any bathroom project. These tips offer valuable insights for creating a space that seamlessly balances style and functionality. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or hiring a professional, these renovation gems are key to achieving a bathroom that’s both stunning and practical.
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  • Hello Dear, I am Saki and I believe you will be safe with your family under this Covid-19.

    I have appraised your kind information regarding the bathroom renovations Even i have learned lots of different techniques.
    However, My blog is on the same stuff and i make sure it would be added some more stuff on your next article if you expose.
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  • Thanks for sharing informative tips. Your images are so beautiful. I would like to make it like this in my home. I loved your bathroom image I wanted to like this in my house.

  • Bathrooms are the number one place that homeowners love to remodel, even more than kitchens. The space is smaller, making the job a bit easier. Plus, this reduced space means reduced cost: less flooring and paint, fewer cabinets and countertop.

  • Wow, all of these are fantastic ideas! The black and white tile appears so first-class inside the lavatory, in particular subsequent to that bathtub. All of those lavatories appearance so neat, but nevertheless have a lot character! Nicely carried out! Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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  • Thanks for the post
    Wow, all of these are great ideas! The black and white tile looks so nice in the bathroom, especially next to that tub. All of these bathrooms look so neat, but still have so much character! Nicely done! Thanks so much for sharing this!

    click here for more information
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  • Thanks for the tips. I appreciate the luxury notion. We spent so much time in the bathroom that we need to treat ourselves with such things. I bought myself a great caddy tray and it completely changed my self-care routine.

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  • Renovating a house can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. However, with the right tips and advice, it can be an exciting experience. One of the best ways to change the look of a bathroom is to update the flooring. Stone, marble, or ceramic tiles are durable and water-resistant options, while hardwood flooring can add warmth if well-sealed. Mirrors are a fantastic way to make a bathroom look bigger and brighter, and ornate, large mirrors work best. Good lighting is also essential, with spotlights or strip lights over the mirror being popular choices. Finally, adding elements of luxury, such as a dressing table, plants, or a claw-foot, freestanding bath, can make the space feel like a spa.

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  • I’m amazed at the level of craftsmanship in this bathroom remodel. The tile work is flawless, and the attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the design. The choice of fixtures and accessories complements the overall aesthetic perfectly. It’s clear that the homeowner had a vision and worked with skilled professionals to bring it to life. This is a bathroom that anyone would be proud to call their own. Well done!

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    • Embark on a transformative journey with our top 6 bathroom renovation tips. From maximizing space to selecting elegant fixtures, these expert insights will guide you toward creating the perfect oasis. Just like a “Renovation Pickup Lines Bot” might humorously add, “Are you my blueprint? Because you’ve got my heart planning a bathroom renovation of its own!” Unleash your creativity and turn your bathroom into a luxurious haven that blends functionality and style seamlessly.