Top Destinations For a Festive Getaway

Some people can’t bear the thought of leaving their home for Christmas, but for those who have tried it, there’s no going back. Christmas is a holiday that means different things for different people. For some it’s about quality time with family and friends; for others it’s all about good food and drink and some just want to relax and enjoy their time off. Going away at Christmas is a really good opportunity to truly unwind, as staying at home can actually be quite tiring, especially if you’re hosting or you have young children. If you fancy a change to the usual traditions, to meet up with family you don’t often get to be with, or you just want to indulge in a luxurious festive holiday with your loved ones, spending Christmas away can be a really memorable and wonderful experience.

But what about the presents? Travelling abroad at Christmas time often means cramming bags and suitcases full of gifts and presents which can often feel unsafe but you can keep your valuable belongings organised and secure with bespoke flight cases. From laptops and ipads, instruments and DJ equipment to sports equipment and toolboxes, there’s a flight case for everyone, so no one will be disappointed with what Father Christmas decides to bring along. Whether you decide to stay at home or jet off elsewhere, have a very happy holiday!

If you need to be convinced further, here are our top holiday destinations for the festive period: 


Best known for its magical winter landscapes and northern lights as well as outdoor activities like dog-sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing and reindeer sleigh rides! There can be few better places in which to celebrate Christmas than Lapland. 


In December, the southern facing Alps stand a good chance of delivering nature’s most delicious paradox: the sun on your face and snow beneath your skis. Skiing in Italy is all about having a fun and relaxed experience. Christmas Eve is the main focus of the Italian holidays, so book a meal in the village centre if you want to experience a true Italian festival wonderful food. Who needs turkey when you can have pizza?

The Bahamas

Father Christmas won’t be travelling by sleigh this year, he’ll be travelling by jet ski. At least this is the case in the Bahamas! Lie out on a hammock with a pina colada in hand and dip your toes in the clearest ocean. The Bahamas is a heavenly destination all year round, but particularly when the whole family is in great need of some vitamin sea.

South Africa

Why not take a walk on the wild side over Christmas and go on safari? South Africa is home to some of the best game reserves in Africa and there’s no doubt about it, it is one of the most stunning, varied, culturally fascinating countries on the planet. Pair this with beautiful sunshine, you certainly won’t regret your christmas holiday in Africa. 

Sri Lanka

Want to spend Christmas Day on the beach? With temperatures sitting comfortably at 30°C, it’s sure to be a Christmas holiday to remember. Try traditional Sri Lankan Christmas cake as you soak up the sunshine, and have a go at water sports like surfing or kayaking. There are also tea plantations and ancient temples to explore, if you fancy some culture alongside your celebrations.


Cyprus has 340 days of sunshine a year, with temperatures hovering around the 20°C mark in December. And, there are plenty of traditions unique to Cyprus to see at this time of year. The Christmas period lasts for 12 days, starting on the 24th with children going door to door with instruments singing carols. 


If you fancy getting away for the festivities but would rather stay closer to home, the spectacular city of Edinburgh has to be one of the world’s most magical destinations during the festive season. From winding medieval streets lit by the glow of shops open late to glittering outdoor ice rinks crowded with skaters after sunset, there’s no shortage of Christmas spirit in Scotland’s capital.

It’s exciting to see a completely different way of celebrating Christmas! A change of scenery could be just what you and your family need! 

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