Top European Ski Runs and Why They’re The Best

From lift passes and snow parks, to ski lessons and snowboard courses; there are a range of activities to help you get into snow sports. But what are the top recommendations when it comes to hitting the mountains for real?

If you fancy going on a ski holiday for the first time, then Europe can be a good idea as it isn’t too far to go. Plus, it has some of the world’s best ski runs. So whatever level you’re at, here are the best European ski runs to inspire your next trip.

France: Sarenne

The longest black run in the Alps is ten miles long; 90 minutes of intense skiing. It is an exhilarating run with a drop of 2,000 metres. However, watch out for a very steep launch. It is a really stunning area of the world to ski.

Switzerland: Parsenn

This area is believed to be the ‘birthplace’ of Alpine skiing, and you access it from a railway. It is a really picturesque place to be, with the most stunning views as you ski. You can begin your descent past forests and small huts before reaching the valley to get the train home.

Sweden: Piste 4

Scandinavia offers some really stunning places to ski. Piste 4 at the Riksgränsen resort is one of the top runs in the country. When you visit in spring, it means you get to experience the light and long days and the fact that it is light even at midnight. You could even glide into Norway before looping back around during your descent!

Austria: The Streif

If you are a beginner, then this won’t be the one for you, but it is one of the most hazardous and most feared runs in the world.

To start off with, free-fall begins 3,300-metre descent at the top of the Streif. Then you quickly have 85% gradients to contend with at a speed of 84mph! Overall, the course is over 3,00m in length. So even if you have some experience, some lessons couldn’t go a miss!

Italy: Sella Ronda

Found in the Dolomites of Italy, and with some of the best views of the Alps, this circuit, a long-distance one, is an amazing experience from experienced skiers to beginners alike.

Limestone cliffs and open pastures are what you can take in as you ski down the slopes. The Sella Ronda run is made up of 14 miles of runs that loop around a huge crag that are linked by lifts. You get to see some villages along the way, and enjoy cross-country skiing if you want to. You are likely to be able to complete one single run in one day too.

There is such a mix of ski runs in Europe, perfect for those starting out, or those that have done it a few times before. With some of the best snow on earth, it makes sense to get to Europe for a ski trip at least once in your life. However, to get you up to scratch to enjoy your trip the most, then it could be worth looking at going to an indoor slope before you go.

Have you been to any of these slopes before?

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