The Top 5 Interior Trends of 2017

Interior design never stands still, and keeping on top of what’s in and what’s out is no easy task. There is going to be lots to look for as we head into the new year and lots of faux pas to avoid. So, here are the five interior trends that will be at the top of the pecking order in 2017 to keep your home at the forefront of interior design.


Jewel Colours

This is a trend you must watch out for in 2017; these vibrant shades can infuse any room with vitality. According to Zillow Porchlight, emerald greens, ruby reds and sapphire blues are colours to watch in 2017. Jewel colours are great to work with as well, allowing designers to create anything from a romantic setting to a more escapist feel with relative ease.

Look to Detroit

With its growing artistic scene and position as a viable yet trendy alternative to NYC or San Francisco, Elle Décor has proclaimed Detroit as the location to watch in 2017 for home trends citing its accolade as America’s first ‘City of Design’, as well as being declared by many ‘the new Brooklyn’.

The Michigan city is where it’s at if you are looking for new and innovative ideas for your home, so keep an eye on what’s hot in Detroit in 2017.


Embrace Technology

Technology has made giant leaps forward in 2016 and interior design has not been left behind. Fresh ideas have been brought to homes around the modern world. Ranging from modular furniture, foldaway décor and inventive solutions that maximise space in small, urban builds. Millwood Designer Homes have chosen to fully embrace this advance in home design. They create contemporary homes that blend local architectural history and traditional design with modern interior design technology to create a truly designer home.

Retro is Back

Interior designs inspired by retro ideas are always cropping up, no matter what year it is. But with more minimalist styles becoming the norm in the modern world, retro trends are stronger than ever. InteriorZine points to the 60s and 70s for indications as to where 2017 is headed.

Modern technology has greatly facilitated this retro resurgence, as some designs that perfectly match the décor of the 60s and 70s just weren’t possible until manufacturing modernised. This colliding of contemporary and retro ideas has created something truly original for 2017.

2017 is Green

Green is back with a bang in 2017, and it isn’t just plain, run-of-the-mill green, either. Green is making a comeback across the board. Light greens bring life to any room. They freshen up any interior and make a design have a more natural feel.

Interior design will show all other darker shades the door in 2017; dark green is set to take the crown. The colour’s real strength is its versatility as it works well with almost anything and, also, adds a natural vibe to any design.

There you have it – just some of the interior design trends we’re looking forward to in 2017. Any that you’ll be looking to try?


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  • I love interior design! I could Pin images for hours and hours! Lol! I like vibrant colours but I change my mind so much about colours and styles I have decided to stick with grey and white as my base colours in my rooms so that I can style it with coloured accessories, cushions, curtains etc xx

  • Hi Rebecca, these trends are really amazing. Jewel Colors are the one which is the best according to me. The concept of green gives a natural touch. You can also add cotton tapestries as wall hangings, table covers, etc. This will help me a lot to decor my new home. Thanks.

  • Hello Rebecca, I love interior design. I was looking for new and innovative ideas for my home. This blog helps me out. Thanks for inspiring me for decorating homes.

  • Hello Rebecca, this trend is really awesome. I love interior designs. The concept of your color combination giving a natural touch to the home. I like your thoughts and innovative ideas. Thanks for sharing such an awesome blog.