Top Tips for New Freebie Lovers

If It Sounds Far Too Good To Be True, Chances Are It Is Exactly That

Be sure that the freebie definitely seems to be genuine (a free £1,000 gift voucher is not going to come your way anytime soon) and also make sure that you scrutinize the terms and conditions to be sure that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Have Low Expectations

It is rare to come across a full-size freebie, most come in small envelopes or tiny sachets. Ultimately, the purpose is that you will try it and then decide, based on your tried and tested opinion, whether you want to use your own cash to buy it. You also really should not expect that you will receive every single freebie that you have applied for.

You Need To Ask To Get

Writing or emailing companies to ask them if they have any available samples is always worth taking a punt on. In addition, there have been plenty of people that have received a box full of freebies when they have let a company know how much they are enjoying their products. In the same way, if you don’t like something, let them know. Companies are ready and willing to provide replacement freebies as well as extras if their products did not meet expectations.

Ease Up On the Guilt

You aren’t going to cause your favourite company to lose millions all because you have asked for a few samples. Actually, they get a lot of benefits. Each package they send out gives them the chance to win over a new customer. The reality is that if you receive a product for free and you love it, the chances are you are going to purchase it.

Have a Second Email Address

This could easily be the crucial tip for anyone who wants to claim freebies. So that you don’t get bombarded with unwanted calls and spam mail, set yourself up a second email address, social media accounts, and even telephone number – you will need all of these to claim your freebies. Trust me, you will be glad I told you about this one! You can check out the infographic from this source.

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