Top Tips For Stress-Free Gift Shopping

If you have a large family, it can feel like you’re constantly on the lookout for incredible birthday and Christmas gifts. Buying a gift can be stressful, especially for people who’ve got it all. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With these handy tips, you can enjoy the process of shopping for gorgeous gifts, and eliminate any last-minute postage panics.

Create a birthday calendar

If you have lots of birthdays to remember, invest in a birthday book or create a separate calendar. At the beginning of each month, consult your planner and note down who you’ve got to buy for in the coming weeks. Try and be organised and buy in advance. If you have a cluster of birthdays in one month, start shopping a couple of months beforehand to spread the cost.


Set a budget

Buying gifts can get expensive, so set yourself a budget at the beginning of the year. Spend the same amount of each of your siblings or nephews and nieces. This way, you can factor in the cost of presents every month and keep track of your spending.

Shop online

If you’re busy, and you don’t have time to browse the shops during lunch breaks, online shopping is a godsend. Fire up your laptop when you get home and spend a bit of time looking for ideas. Use search engines to compare prices and sites, such as Pinterest for novel ideas. If you’re in a hurry, don’t panic. Most sites now offer next-day delivery for a charge.

Sign up to mailing lists

If you find that you often buy gifts from the same shops, sign up to their mailing lists. You often get vouchers through the post, or discount codes to use online, and this can save you loads of money. Look out for sales and special offers.

Pay more for postage

There’s nothing worse than buying a beautiful gift and it never reaching its destination. If you’re posting gifts, always use a reliable postage method, such as a courier service. If you’ve sent a parcel at the post office, keep your proof of postage receipt.

Get Christmas shopping started early

Christmas can be expensive enough before you’ve even started gift shopping. With parties, weddings and travelling to take into consideration, it’s wise to budget for presents in advance. Set aside money for buying presents in the months leading up to the festive period. If you see things you like, collect them through the year and put them away in a safe place. If you gather gifts in the run-up to Christmas, this will save you facing massive shopping bills in December. If you’re always interested in a bargain, it’s worth stocking up on cards, wrapping paper, bags and decorations in the January sales.

Most of us love giving gifts to friends and family, but the process of buying and sending presents can be stressful if you have a busy schedule. With these tips, you can keep on top of your shopping without any stress or hassle at all. You can also save time and money and ensure your loved ones receive fantastic presents on time.


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