Tips to Stay Warm Outside This Winter

If it wasn’t already obvious by the increasing heating bills at home or the defrosting of your car; winter is here! There are plenty of posts I see around about how to stay warm in your home, but how about staying warm when you are out and about? Unfortunately we can’t all avoid going outside, not with all the Christmas shopping and parties to tend to ūüėČ

So here are a few little tips that will help. I’d love to hear any more that you have, in the comments:


  • Know Your Body

Some people¬†stay a¬†lot warmer than others naturally¬†(this is definitely me), others seem to be constantly cold. There are obviously different factors as to why such as age, gender, body fat etc. So, if you know you are someone that gets cold easily, make sure you are aware of it and act accordingly. Equally, if you are quite a warm person, don’t just¬†presume you’ll be fine when out and about.

  • Wear Layers

For cloth­ing, obvi­ously lay­ers are the way forward. Wearing a thin layer against skin like thermals, an insu­la­tion layer such as fleece, and then water­proof outer jacket (down insulated jackets are really light weight, fold up small but are really effective).

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  • Wear the Right Fabrics

As well as wearing layers, to keep optimally warm, you will need to make sure you avoid wearing certain fabrics. Make sure you stay away from cotton fabrics and choose wool or synthetic materials, as a general rule.

  • Stay Dry

Generally I don’t mind the cold, but I can’t stand the cold and the wet. If you get caught in a downpour and it is really cold outside, you will feel (and get) even colder. A good quality, large, golf style umbrella would be best suited to keeping you dry (they survive better in windy conditions too).

  • Wear a Hat & Gloves

Now this is probably obvious, but you lose most of your body heat through your head, particularly true for children. A thick woolly hat is perfect to keep body heat in. Gloves again are obvious, but they help so much if you actually need to use your hands when you’re out and not just have your hands in your pockets.

  • Drink Warm Drinks

Having an insulated drinks cup with you in your bag or in the car, will really help to keep your body temperature up, even if it is just hot water. There are lots of different kinds that you can get these days so stock up and plan ahead.


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