Top USA Holiday Destinations

The corona cabin fever is real! But through isolation and the gift of spare time that has been handed to us on a platter, why not put it to good use by planning some joy for the brighter future? There’s no better time than now to discuss with your loved ones whereabouts in the big old world tickles their fancy. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you choose to go? Inevitably, a whole host of ideas will flock your bucket list. Memorable holidays require planning and now is the perfect time to dream big and research with great detail as well as budget thoroughly! The US is right up there on the bucket list for most travellers – and for good reason! In fact, it’s a destination that many have been known to revisit time and time again, which is simple when you have an ESTA.

No matter what you are looking for in a holiday, you’re sure to find it in the US. It really does have something for everyone and you can visit during whichever season or time of year suits you.

New York 

Travel to The Big Apple during the Autumn months, whether for a day, a weekend or an extended stay it’s time to immerse yourself amongst the hustle and bustle. Enjoy a Broadway show in the City, shop till your heart’s content, delight your taste buds at every street corner and live life as if you’re on a movie set! In New York you’ll learn what it feels like to be an American, It will be an experience like no other!


Start your year adventuring in the Last Frontier; there’s no place quite like Alaska with its staggering mountains and glorious glaciers. Its unspoilt nature and draw-dropping scenery are a wonder to behold. On top of this there are plenty of fun, unique activities to sink your teeth into. In fact, there’s so much to do and see in Alaska that some people opt for an Alaskan cruise to really make the most of their vacation.


If you’re travelling with kids then Orlando, Florida is where you’ll want to go! It will be a holiday of a lifetime visiting Disneyland, Universal studios and all the incredible waterparks. Travel during the spring months for perfect, child-friendly weather!


Perhaps you’re just looking for sand, sea and salt water! If sunshine, sea and salt water is what you’re craving in lockdown then consider California or, better still Hawaii! The US is home to thousands of miles of stunning beaches and beautiful coastlines. 


No matter what time of year you decide to visit Utah, there will be a whole host of activities waiting for you: Go skiing in Salt Lake City, hike the famous Grand Canyon and check out the waterfalls at Zion National Park. Utah is home to some of America’s most diverse landscapes and lets not forget the Lakes! Why not take a road trip down to Vegas while you’re there? 

Las Vegas

Known as America’s “ultimate playground”, Vegas is a destination everyone deserves to enjoy at least once! Enjoy amazing nightlife, incredible cuisine and luxurious casinos. Whether you’re travelling with a group, with your partner or if you’re flying solo, Vegas is certainly somewhere to let loose, have fun and maybe get up to a bit of mischief!

Apply for an ESTA

When you’re holiday planning, factor in that you’ll need to submit an ESTA application. It’s mandatory for any outside US citizens to apply for an ESTA. Your ESTA will actually allow you to visit the US several times over the course of two years before you need to renew it. The ESTA application form is really straightforward and directly links to your passport. 

With hidden gems within every state, there really is something to be found for everyone in the US. You’re sure to be made to feel welcome on your stay, just be sure to attain your ESTA within good time! Happy travelling!

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  • Last month I spent two whole Sundays in Las Vegas with friends. This is a city where there is always something to do, so 2 weeks is not enough. To make our stay there comfortable, we rented a van and visited the main tourist locations in one day. And then we spent 2 Sundays just relaxing, walking around the city, shopping, and looking for adventures more details