Top Ways To Save Money On Your Summer Holiday To Spain!

Going on holiday is an expensive time for your family. The flights and the hotel can cost a fortune, and that’s without spending money and clothes for your trip. Once you get on your break, you can easily spend lots on trips and food. Here are some top ways to save money while on your summer holiday to Spain – a place that we regularly visit.

Buy a guide book

One of the top ways to save money while on your summer holiday to Spain is to purchase a guide book to take with you on your trip. It will help you to know where you should go to get the best reasonable deal so that you and your family don’t get ripped off. It should also give you some guidance on some simple Spanish words so that they don’t charge you more as they know you are a foreigner. You can get some free guide books at the library which you can borrow and take back after your trip. It will save you some money as guide books at the airport are expensive!


Go all-inclusive

Another top way to save money on your summer holiday to Spain is to go all-inclusive. As this article says, it can be easier to budget when you know all food and drink is included. Otherwise, the costs can soon rack up if you have to go for dinner in the evening. You could also go half board and then just get a snack at lunch time. If you are having a big breakfast and dinner, you all might not fancy lunch anyway!

Look for cheap deals for the shops

You can also save money on your summer holiday to Spain by making sure you search for discounts before you go. Some of the shops out there will be expensive, and you could end up spending all your euros in the first couple of days. You can find some good discounts for Aldi Spain online before you go. That way, you can use the discount when you get there to save you some money.

Book trips through small vendors

Another way you can save money on your summer holiday to Spain is by booking any trips you go on through small vendors. If you book them through the hotel, you could end up spending a small fortune. Therefore, go and enquire in the small vendors to see if you could get a cheap deal. Some websites like have some great deals on trips while you’re abroad.

Use public transport and walk instead

You can also save money on your summer holiday to Spain by using public transportation or walking while you are on your break. If you hire a car, you will have to pay the hire cost, petrol, and parking at the hotel. Therefore, check out the bus times and you can easily get around the area.

If you can’t afford to go away this year, here are some free activities to do with the kids to keep them busy in the summer holidays!


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    I’ve never been to mainland Spain (only Menorca) but I’d love to go with my boys. All inclusive is a good way of managing costs as at least you can budget before you go and not have to spend a penny there! Great tips! x
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