Transform a Spare Room into a Space of Relaxation and Mindfulness

Taking a moment to breathe, relax and gather your thoughts is essential, especially during spells of stress, anxiety or gloominess. Chances are some of you have a spare bedroom in the house that’s currently used as a storage room or a guest bedroom or maybe even a home office, either way, it’s a room you probably don’t spend lot’s of time in. This is precisely why you should put a bit of effort and time to make the room cosy and relaxing. With a few quick and easy steps you can transform your ‘dumping ground’ into a space for relaxation and the perfect place to practice mindfulness.

Get rid of clutter

There is nothing relaxing about clutter. Ditch what you don’t need and find storage solutions for everything else you do need.

Choose the right colours for the walls

Everyone has a different idea of what’s relaxing and what’s the best environment to meditate in. Some prefer neutral sounds, bright colours and houseplants others prefer ocean blues, meadow greens or foggy greys. Think tranquil and serene when picking your paint colour!

Make sure there is plenty of air

Clear out any windows in the room to allow natural light. Add some plants to ensure that the air is always just a bit nicer and cleaner (plants can purify the air).

Choose the right flooring

When designing your ultimate relaxation space consider what flooring will be most appropriate for the room. Consider soft textures for the floor such as stylish carpet tiles.  Amtico offers a variety of options and styles for carpeting your spare room.

Add personal touches

Fill the room with accessories that will make you feel relaxed such as photos, favourite books and treasured ornaments. Remember this is a space for you and whatever you think will help you reach your own personal zen – pick accessories that will elevate you getting there!

Keep it to the point

Try not to fill up the place too much – remember no clutter. If your prefered way to relax is to read a book, then there is no need for all your painting supplies or your musical instruments to be in your relaxation space. Keep in mind the techniques that help you relax best and tailor your room to those. Keep it simple and minimal, and the room will instantly feel more relaxing.

I hope these tips help you achieve the most perfect relaxing place!

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