Travel Guide for Spring 2018

I love springtime, watching everything wake up and spring into bloom. Any signs of sunshine and warmth send all kind of positive vibes around me and just give me the boost that I need.

The British Spring time can be a little unpredictable though, can’t it? One day we wake up to the bluest sky, the next day it’ll be grey and drizzly. Last week I was admiring my hyacinths, this week it’s snowing!

If you’re anything like me you’ll be well and truly over wearing boots and coats by now and longing for the getaway you need to recharge. We have just booked a holiday and it really cannot come soon enough!

If you want to get away this Easter break, but are not sure where you’ll find the whole package, here’s my list of springtime favourites:


Part of Holland is transformed into a vast sea of flowers from mid-March to mid-May. It starts with crocus season in March, which is followed by daffodils and hyacinths. Finally, the tulips show their gorgeous colours from mid-April through to the first week of May. As well as being famous for its flowers, Holland is home to nature walks, cycle trails, charming villages and hidden beaches.


I love the Greek Islands and find them peaceful and euphoric. Mykonos is Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, a whitewashed paradise in the heart of the Cyclades. During springtime, celebs, students and families mingle together to celebrate Easter. Whether you are an entertainment junkie out for a real good time, or a visitor who wishes to explore the island’s history and tradition, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.


We all know Paris is always a good idea, but Paris in spring is something else. Once the temperatures start to rise, the city’s streets fill up with chic assemblies of chairs and tables, each one more inviting than the next. Spring is a wonderful time to enjoy the Parisian cafes in their full splendor – not too many crowds, but just enough buzz to liven up the atmosphere. Admire postcard views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Sacré Coeur as you enjoy a croissant, crepe or macaroon. Easter is also a wonderful time to take your kids to Paris, as most of the parks and gardens in and around the city organize large-scale egg hunts and other fun activities for the little ones.

South Africa

Discover breathtaking wildlife and prepare to be wowed by the incredible scenery in South Africa. This colourful destination is steeped in history and is home to some of the world’s most beautiful undisturbed natural beauty spots. If sun, sea and safari are all things that resonate with you then you will not be disappointed.


If you’re on the hunt for springtime sun, Florida sure will guarantee you heat. Cool down at the various water parks Orlando can offer you and of course by the beach. Beat the queues by picking up a fast pass before hitting Disney and Universal. If you have kids, this is a must at least once in your lifetime!

New York

There are hundreds of fun things to do in New York in Spring. With the cherry blossoms, green foliage, sparkling rivers and warm weather as your backdrop, Spring is the time to take advantage of city rooftops, and touring by foot. This is something I’d encourage as a romantic getaway.

So, happy holiday hunting! Whether you decide to stay home or vacate for a change of scenery, I hope you have a fabulous break and wish you sunshine this Spring!

Love Maddie


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