How We Make Travel More Affordable

If you are a regular follower of this blog, you will know that I love to travel. Any excuse to travel and I’m there! We are always looking for our next jaunt away. People often do ask how we can travel as much as we do, and to be honest, it is because we make it a priority. I think you have to in this day and age. Money can be tight all around, but we make cuts in some areas so that we can afford at least a couple of family holidays a year. We will have to see how things go, though, now that we have a child in school and have to work around school holidays. Here are some tips and the things we do, to make travel more affordable.


Travel with Friends or Family To Share the Cost

When I was younger, child and husband-free, I would travel with friends to different places. I went to New York City with a friend and went to Turkey with a group of friends, to name a couple. It made things much more affordable as the cost was split between the group of you. One hotel room divided by two is going to be less for everyone all around. With a family, though, it makes things a bit trickier as just our family will take up the space in one hotel room. Which is why we sometimes choose to rent a big house for trips. We did something like that when we went to Las Vegas. Then the cost was divided among five families. It makes it much more affordable to do it that way.

Define Your Priorities

When we travel, it is a good idea to know what you want to do. Is the aim to see something specific? I am desperate to go and see the Northern Lights in Iceland, so when we go there next year, that will be the main aim of the trip. So it would be planned around that aim. If your aim is to see the Colosseum in Rome, for example, then you make that the priority. If you mainly want to relax, then you just set that as your priority. When you know what you want to get out of your trip, then you can set your budget accordingly.

Set a Daily Budget

When we travel, we like to set a daily budget to organise things. I am a bit of a planner, so it helps me when we know a rough plan. According to the priorities, we have set ourselves for the trip; we can then set ourselves a daily budget. It means we won’t go over it as there is no need to spend unnecessarily. Beach holidays are easier to budget for as it is mostly food and drink (and ice-cream, of course) that we’re paying for.

Check Airfare Deals

You can sign up at sites like Kayak to get alerts when the flights on a particular route have gone down to a certain price. So if you have a specific place in mind, but not a specific timeframe for it, then this is a really helpful way to make sure that you’re not spending over the odds.

Hope this helps make travel a little easier for you!

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