Enhancing the Travel Photography Phenomenon

In a world that’s turned digital, we can’t have a trip away without snapping several photographs and uploading them across all of our social media feeds. Grab your passport, because I’ve teamed up with Clifton Cameras who stock a range of Olympus cameras to bring you this infographic on how to travel the world like a professional photographer.

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime, because this infographic will help you properly pack your equipment into your suitcase without being stopped by airport security – something that all jetsetters dread – and put you on the right path (or air-strip) for a trip full of culture.

Whether you plan to visit the Great Barrier Reef to snorkel in the sea, or are keen to ride some camels in the dessert — our list of top destinations will point you in the right direction.

Do you think about the destinations you want to go to, and how good the photos will be? Have you been to any of the top destinations listed? It would love to hear what you think!
*collaborative post

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  • I think it’s so fun to plan all of the photos you will take when you go to a destination as you know where to go! A variety of lenses is essential for taking the best photos.

  • These checklists are great! I have a small ruck sack which fits all my camera lens, tripod, chargers, cables and my laptop too. I visited Reykjavik many years ago and would love to do a road trip there. Would love to capture the waterfalls there. Norway is another spot high on my list! I used my Olympus camera to take shots of the Great Barrier Reef whilst on a scenic flight – the photos were amazing!