Where Would You Travel if You Won the Lottery?

It’s not all that often that you get to take a vacation from work, and unfortunately it’s even rarer you can spend that vacation somewhere fun and exciting. Between the ever-rising air travel prices, the fluctuating dollar and the cost of living in some of the world’s most beautiful places, travelling is becoming more of a luxury than ever before. There is, however, a way that you can travel to the world’s hottest destinations without having to save up for a half century; it may sound absurd, but all you have to do is win the lottery.

You don’t even have to win the whole jackpot. You can merely accumulate small prizes over time, giving you a more-than-adequate nest egg with which to travel the world. What most people don’t know is that winning is within reach, and to find out how to give yourself a chance at the lottery all you have to do is take a quick second to familiarize yourself with the game (Powerball, in this instance), as well as a few tips and tricks for picking hot numbers.

Before you know it, you could be staring at a winning ticket, which in Powerball’s case is a minimum of 40 million dollars. With that as our prompt, this article will list the most luxurious travel destinations you can take if you win the lottery.

Relaxing in Fiji

With rooms starting at $6000 a night, the island of Laucala in Fiji is not exactly anyone’s idea of a budget vacation, but boy is it ever beautiful. Often a private retreat for celebrities and the ultra-rich, this Oceanian island boasts emerald blue waters, lush greenery and untouched, white sand beaches. And that’s just the outside. The resort is a collection of immaculately designed villas offering every imaginable luxury, each with its own infinity edge pool (as if the Pacific Ocean wasn’t enough). If your idea of a dream vacation is a pristine tropical paradise, Laucala is where you want to go with your jackpot winnings.

Skiing in the Alps

The Grand Hotel Kronenhof, nestled within the stunning Swiss Alps, is a five-star palace of a hotel that offers a great hopping off point for skiing trips. In true continental European style, the hotel comes flush with gourmet dining options and luxury amenities. If your idea of a holiday is breathing in the fresh mountain air by day, with Swiss food by night, take your Powerball winnings here.

Summer Olympics in Tokyo

Not everybody can just hop on a flight to Tokyo (one of the world’s most expensive destinations) to go see the Olympics (one of the world’s most expensive sporting events). But if you win big in the Powerball, make sure to mark Summer 2020 in your calendar, because there’s nowhere else in the world you’ll want to be than in this great city at these great games. And if your country happens to lose, you can always chase away the heartache with the world’s best sushi.

These are just a few of the place you could travel if you won the Powerball lottery. Where would you travel?

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