Travelling the World While Getting a Masters in Public Administration

Do you dream of traveling around the world, but you would really like to get your online masters in public administration degree?  Well, why not do both?  Today, we are going to learn how you can get your degree while still enjoying your time out on the road.  We will also be learning some tips that will help you balance school and travel.

Choose the Right Online College 

If you plan to get your online MPA degree, make sure that you choose a school that will allow you to travel.  Some schools will require you to take some courses in person, which can really interrupt your travels.  Having to come back home just to take one class isn’t something that most nomads like yourself want to do.  Instead, pick a school that will let you complete the course totally online.  Colleges like Norwich University and others offer an online public administration degree that can be done without the need to set foot in a classroom.  While you may need to take some exams, this can easily be done while traveling.


Make Sure You Have Internet Access 

Before you travel to a new location, make sure that you do your homework and find out where the best internet access is. If you are staying in a hotel, call them before you leave and inquire about their Wi-Fi.  If you don’t have access in your room or in the lobby, you may have to go somewhere close by.  Depending on which country you are traveling in, there should be some local restaurants or coffee shops that offer free Wi-Fi. To find these locations, you can look them up using a universal Wi-Fi map. Remember that you can’t go to class if you don’t have internet. To avoid missing any of your online MPA classes, check before you travel.

Buy Your School Books Online 

While some of your school textbooks will be in digital format, others will not.  This means that you will somehow have to find your books while on the go and you might not be near a bookstore.  But instead of freaking out and worrying about how you’re going to find the books, why not have them shipped to your current or future location?  There are many online textbook stores that will ship books directly to your location.  Also, if you don’t want to purchase your college textbooks, many of these stores will let you rent them for a fraction of the price.  When you are done with them, you can simply return them in the mail.  This will save you a lot of money that you can spend on something more fun!

These are just a few tips that will help you enjoy world travel while getting your online public administration degree.  By choosing the right college, you will be able to travel around without having to worry about attending a class in person.  Also, when you travel, make sure that you find Wi-Fi locations so that you can study.  Finally, if you have trouble finding your books, remember that you can always buy them or rent them online.

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