Step Away From The Grindstone: Unconventional Treats You Can Give Yourself At Home

Sit back for a moment and think of the general concept of treats. Maybe it’s a massive cupcake with icing so large you need a spoon to get through it. Perhaps it’s a massage, complete with relaxing music and drifting off to sleep out of sheer bliss. Or it could be the ultimate; sitting in the shade of a palm tree on a deserted beach, sipping direct from a coconut.

And then there’s the screech of reality and you’re back at home. Everything is piling up. Work and kids demand attention, the dishes are piling up and you’re frantically Googling how to style hair to hide your roots. You spend your life rushing from one thing to another.

Pretty much any advice that you find online will tell you that you need to relax – like it’s some button you can press, and the world grinds to a halt. Reality, of course, works very differently. We can’t all just flit off on a spa weekend or do 20 minutes of yoga every morning to get “centred”. Who’s got that kind of time?

You still deserve a treat, though. You work hard, life is busy and every once in awhile you need to find a way to decompress. But that treat doesn’t have to be one of the basic cliches about how we’re meant to relax; instead, pick something that works for you.


Get Your Home Cleaned

Cleaning takes up an alarming amount of time, even if you share it evenly between the family. Most of us do what we can on a daily basis and push back the date for a “big clean” as far as possible, for when we have time. Then we do find a clear spot in the calendar, and the last thing we feel like doing is cleaning.

So call in the experts. It doesn’t have to be on a regular basis; just get professional house cleaning a few times a year so you can focus more on maintenance than deep cleaning the rest of the time.

Gadgets That Will Make Life Easier

Think about something in your day that takes more time than you would ideally give over to it. Chopping vegetables can be a chore, even if you do it while juggling a myriad of other tasks. So a treat could be investing in a food processor or a mixer, which will shave time off your everyday life. A spa day is great for relaxing on a one-off, but an investment such as this is something you will benefit from for years to come.


Blocking The Noise

The average family house tends to be noisy, to the point it can feel your head is ringing with the constant deluge of noise. To try and combat it, treat yourself to noise-cancelling headphones so you can listen to music and forget everything else. If you just want total silence, then a set of earplugs can make all the difference and give you a few minutes of respite for your own thoughts. The perfect treat for busy mums!


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