2018 Trends for Your Kitchen Update

If you’re planning to give the heart of your home a new lease of life when the New Year rolls round and are keeping one eye on the sales to help your bring your project in on budget, read on. Today we’re looking at some of the new kitchen trends that the experts at Houzz have predicted will cause a stir in 2018 along with some existing trends that are going to rise high once again, like a perfectly aerated souffle. And, if this post isn’t punctuated with enough baking references for you already, you’ll be interested to know that Great British Bake Off is apparently making its mark when it comes to culinary interiors. Intrigued about what 2018 has in store? It’s time to decide which forthcoming trends will be showstoppers for you..


A sink less ordinary

For many of us, the biggest question when it comes to fitting a new sink is whether you’ll opt for a single sink or a 1.5 sink that has that little extra area for rinsing your cutlery and plates. Maybe you’re blessed with oodles of bench space and can go the whole hog and have a double sink. Whatever size you arrive at, if you’d like your sink to be super stylish as well as functional, straying from the standard stainless steel is apparently the way to go. Houzz’s Mitchell Parker told the MailOnline that stone copper and granite sinks are the ‘in thing’ for the foreseeable future. If you’re looking for something that looks great and takes plenty of wear and tear, you could do worse than seek out a composite granite sink in a colour to match your kitchen. And with accents of concrete also flagged as a trend to watch, you could add an extra touch of industrial chic with a concrete kitchen worktop. Not a look for a cosy cottage kitchen but one that will appeal to those with modern interiors leanings.

Big bold hues

Parker also hinted that hues will be going bigger, brighter and warmer. If you usually stick to cool or neutral shades in the kitchen, you may be swayed by the fact stronger shades can often hide stains a bit better, which can only be a good thing if you’re an enthusiastic cook!  If you’re not quite ready to walk into an entire room that’s covered in a strikingly bright colour before you’ve so much as had your morning coffee, the trend can be toned down and made more ‘liveable’ by using strong colour accents on shelving or cupboards.

Make a broken plan

Broken plan living has been a headline hitting trend since 2015, with Mary Juggan of the RIBA using the phrase to describe something she saw creeping into the entries for the House of the Year award. Predicted here by Victoria Harrison of Houzz to be loitering around for much longer, this one could literally be a mover and shaker if you like the idea of opening up your home and retaining privacy. You could choose to blend your kitchen and living space with the option to close off cooking smells and noise with internal bi-folds. These doors from Vufold sweep from floor to ceiling for maximum impact. Or, if you’re happy to get the builders in, you could look at creating a mezzanine or split level to give you both communal and cooking areas that are both converging and separate at the same time.

Pack in a pantry

Houzz editor Victoria Harrison attributes the comeback of the cook’s pantry to the continued popularity of TV show the Great British Bake Off and even told iNews that searches for the kitchen feature increased once this year’s show had started. However, this trend is one that has been bubbling away for some time, though it admittedly gained momentum after the award-winning show first hit BBC screens. Data analysts Mintel gave a nod to the number of youngsters taking up baking back in 2012. If you like an organised kitchen and are the kind of person who thinks there’s a place for everything and that everything should have its place, a pantry with plenty of deep shelves is likely to appeal to you. Ready to get started? You’ll find lots of Pantry organisation inspiration over on Pinterest and the sales could well be a great time to pick up lots of matching jars for all your kitchen essentials!

So, what’s your recipe for kitchen redecoration or renovation in 2018? Does broken plan sound like something you could get into? What about a composite or copper sink? Or perhaps all you’re yearning for is a perfectly traditional pantry? Share your kitchen lust list below.

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