The Trends and Upgrades Your Home Should Have in 2018

As we enter a new year, it’s a pretty good time to start thinking about change; change to ourselves and change to our surroundings. In this post, we’re going to concentrate on some of the most simple, value-adding changes that any of us homeowners could make to our properties in order to add value and make them more pleasant places to be as we work on ourselves in 2018…

Sweat the Small Stuff

Out home is full of small fixtures and fittings, such as light sockets and switches, cupboard handles and shower heads that we seldom really think about unless they become broken or are in need of a good clean. However, they can make a big difference to how the home looks. So. if you’re looking to improve your home on a budget this year, replacing your old small fixtures and fittings with newer, more modern ones, will make a surprising amount of difference.

Doors, Windows, and Conservatories, Oh My

If your property has windows doors and conservatories, then now is the perfect time to update them, especially if you’ve had the same ones for a while. Why? Because after a while they can stop performing as well as they once did as they start to degrade and so does the caulking around them. If you’re on a budget, replacing the caulking will make a big difference in keeping you warmer and coszy this winter, but if you have a bigger budget, investing in completely new panes and doors could not only make your home look better, but increase energy efficiency too. So, make it your mission to check your doors, windows, and conservatories, to see if they could be improved, this year.

Add a Splash of Colour to your Kitchen

In 2018, we are going to see something of a move away from neutrality in the kitchen;’ color is going to be well and truly in. This is good news for those of you who would like to upgrade your kitchens this year because you don’t have to spend a fortune on adding color to the kitchen – all you need to do is paint the walls or even the cabinets to make them a bit bolder. Of course, if you do have the big bucks to spend then buying a brand new kitchen in your favorite shade of red, blue or purple will be even better and ensure your kitchen is on trend and in demand – something that will be important if you plan to put your property on the market in 2018.

Brighten Up Your Furniture

It’s not just the kitchen that you’re going to want to splash some color in either; this year’s trend is set to see flashes of color throughout the whole house, specifically in the form of florid, bold and comfy furniture. Think a burnt orange couch in a gray room or a fuschia chair in a white space and you won’t go far wrong.

Stone Sinks

If the sinks and basins in your home are white, then it’s time to think about giving them a makeover. 2018 is set to be the year of stone sinks. It doesn’t matter whether your basin is made from marble, granite or concrete – it will look fabulous and be totally fashionable. If stone isn’t really your thing, then you could opt for copper sinks and basins instead. Just make sure you switch your old faucets for newer, matching ones too!

A Flourish of Florals

Florals in home decor have been in and out more times than a drunk grandma doing the hokey pokey at a wedding, but they’re set to make a comeback this year. Not only will florals be popular in wallpaper, but also on bedding, cushions, and curtains. So, whether you can’t get enough of flowers or you’re not a big fan, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find a way to upgrade your home’s style with them.

Accentuate with Concrete

Concrete has a reputation for enigma bit cold and clinical, but no one can deny that it is a strong and stable substances. What’s more, today’s concrete accents, such as floors and countertops, are anything but cold and clinical; they’re sleek, modern and come in a range of shades and colors to suit anyone’s taste. That’s good news for those of you who want to make home improvements that will impress and last for many years to come.

If you make any of these changes to your home this year, you can guarantee that you’ll have one of the comfiest, most stylish homes in 2018!

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