Tricks to help life with little ones

You may have seen things floating around the internet called ‘Life Hacks’ that are little things you can do that leave you thinking “Why hadn’t I thought of that before”?

I have come up with a few of my own that I have done to help life with growing children. They are all pretty simple but can make the world of difference.

Use a bottle top and a dummy to make a breast milk (or formula) ice pop to soothe gums whilst teething. Just pour some expressed milk into the bottle top, place the dummy in the milk and freeze on a flat shelf. Rinse the bottle top under warm water for a few seconds, once frozen, to ease the pop out.
Cut up some old, clean fleece and tie around the top of the cot. This acts as a soother during teething and prevents getting bite marks in the top of the cot.
Using a glue gun, seal up holes in bath toys to prevent mould. Works a treat!
Use an empty lotion bottle and cut so that it fits around the tap. When the water is running it helps the toddler get closer to the water to wash hands, without the need of a stool.
Bed guards can be expensive. Use a rolled up towel, or a pool noodle if you have one, and put it under the bed sheets to use as a bed guard.
baby - pictip 53
Use books to lift one side of the cot when a baby has a cold / blocked nose. The slight elevation really helps them to sleep better during that time. Picture Credit – Berry Clever PicTip
Use a silicone muffin tray to store and freeze baby puree. Then just pop out one portion to defrost as and when you need them.
Take your own passport photos using a high chair and a towel or sheet

What hints and tricks have you learnt along the way?


Rebecca x

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