Tried & Tested: Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

I know I haven’t done a ‘Tried & Tested’ post for a while so thought I would let you all know of a recipe that I recently did just that with. For any new readers, these posts are where I actually do some of the pins I’ve pinned on Pinterest and let you know the link, if it works, what I thought to it and any changes I might make. As the title suggests, I tried a recipe for Quinoa Stuffed Peppers. The original recipe can be found HERE on Cooking with Quinoa.


I found that they really didn’t take long to make as the ingredients you ‘stuff’ with are mostly in cartons or tins, it’s just a case of cooking the quinoa before hand and preparing the peppers. You just mix up all the ingredients in a bowl and then spoon into the peppers that have had the  top sliced off and the seeds removed. So simple! It really took no time at all.



As we don’t have cheese very often in our house (hubby despises the stuff), I made mine without the feta or cheddar but still found they tasted lovely. I’m sure they taste really good with the cheese too, just a few more calories. I also added half a tin of organic chickpeas for a little more protein (and because I just love them). This was a good addition to the recipe.



They don’t take long to cook which is great and you can have them as a vegetarian main course (that’s what we did by having two peppers each), or have one pepper each as a side to your preferred protein, like a grilled chicken breast. We are a little bit obsessed with balsamic vinegar in this house, to to serve, we drizzled some over the top of the peppers – so delicious and made it a little less ‘dry’. If you are adding the cheese to your recipe though, the vinegar is probably not needed as the cheese will provide a sauce, of sorts. I would definitely recommend this – the whole family loved it. I chopped Max’s pepper up and then he could just help himself to it all. Yummy!

Rebecca x

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