Truck Accidents in St. Louis Can Be Fatal: Safety Tips for Drivers

Injuries that result from truck accidents are fatal and can even lead to death. St. Louis, Missouri, records a high frequency of truck traffic, and that is why drivers should be careful when they drive. They need to follow safe driving practices.

The weight and size of commercial trucks make them fatal. That means any crash with them will result in massive property damage and injuries that can range from bruises, ligament tears, and bone fractures to spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. A truck accident can be anyone’s fault, but usually, smaller vehicles suffer more damage after a collision with a truck.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that in 2021, there were close to 5,788 deaths that involved big trucks in the United States. Compared to the statistics collected in 2020, it’s an increase of 7%. Nearly 72% of the truck accident fatalities included occupants of other vehicles. Hence, it establishes the dangers of truck collisions in the city.

Truck drivers must drive carefully so that accident rates decrease as much as possible. In this article, we will discuss a few safety tips that truck drivers in St. Louis can follow to ensure their and others’ security on the streets.

Tips for Truck Drivers to Avoid Accidents

Since a truck is a heavy vehicle, truck drivers must drive carefully and forsake any rash driving to avoid accidents. Even a St. Louis truck accident attorney will advise the same to truck drivers who’ve encountered fatal crashes because of their or other’s negligence.

A few safety guidelines to follow are:

Planning a Trip Ahead of Time

It is necessary to plan a trip as it will maximize safety. It will provide you with time to be aware of probable hazards. For instance, when you plan in advance, you can learn about the high-crime areas and ensure that the stops are as secure as possible. It’s best to avoid isolated locations and poorly lit areas.

Planning your trip will allow you to learn about the weather conditions as well. You can decide whether to drive on a particular day based on the foul weather conditions, such as excess rain or wind, to avert any kind of accident. That aside, it is also essential to ensure that you don’t drive through any restricted routes and hazards, like low-weight limit bridges and low clearances.

Keeping Maintenance Schedules

It is necessary to have a preventive maintenance schedule for a commercial vehicle to ensure its security. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), problems related to maintenance are the principal cause of tractor-trailer crashes. Hence, truck drivers must look into their vehicle conditions and the need for maintenance regularly.

If there is no schedule, it is necessary to coordinate with a mechanic to develop one. Do you drive for a fleet? If so, the company’s shop can offer a maintenance schedule that you can follow to avert accidents as much as possible.

Tackle Speeding Smartly

One of the common causes of truck accidents in St. Louis is speeding. When a driver exceeds the fixed speed limit in a region, it can affect their capacity to manage the vehicle. It is more so if the roads are slippery and there are sharp turns. Truck drivers must comply with speed limits and manage the speed based on road conditions so that they can drive safely.

It’s essential to remember that reaching the destination is essential, but not at the cost of one’s life. Slowing down and driving carefully can save lives and reduce the frequency of truck accidents in the city.

Avert Distracted Driving

Truck drivers often get distracted while driving, and that leads to fatal accidents. The best way to avoid this is by not using mobile phones while driving. Apart from that, you shouldn’t even be eating, replying to texts, or even engaging in a conversation while driving.

Distraction of any kind can result in delayed reactions, which can maximize the accident risk. You should focus entirely on the road and the encompassing conditions to make sure there is ample alertness, which will reduce the chances of accidents.

However, there are times when accidents happen despite following all the safety guidelines. Once you face a truck accident in St. Louis, you must get in touch with a lawyer to get compensated for your loss.

TorHoerman Law states that consulting a lawyer is essential, as they can decide whether you qualify to file a lawsuit. If you do, they will determine the cause of the accident, assess your injuries, make use of the vital pieces of evidence, and develop a strong case. It will ensure you get fair compensation to cover the losses you have endured.

In conclusion, truck accidents in St. Louis can result in painful bruises, injuries like whiplash, and even death. Therefore, truck drivers need to exercise caution to make sure that they drive safely and avoid accidents as much as possible. The guidelines mentioned above can help create better traffic conditions in the city.

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