Truth about beauty sleep: Is lack of sleep is ruining your skin?

When we sleep at night our skin replenishes itself. It gets to work freeing itself of the free radicals that have infested it as we have gone about our day and it heals itself from the stresses and strains that we have put it under. So, when we don’t get enough sleep our skin suffers because it just doesn’t get the time that it needs to heal itself properly. Lack of sleep also often causes us to pick up other unhealthy habits, such as eating too much sugar or drinking too much coffee, which further damages the skin. Read on to find out how you can get a better nights sleep so that you can improve your skin.

Establish a routine bedtime and get 7-9 hours of sleep per night

You should always aim to get 7-9 hours sleep per night. This means that you need to be going to bed at a time that will allow you to fit this amount of sleep in before you need to get up in the morning. Set yourself up in a bedtime routine so that you let your body know that the time is coming for sleep and be consistent. If you need some help to relax, then you could look for a THC tincture for sale, as it does have some relaxing qualities.

Wash your face nightly and apply skin care treatments

Your skin repairs itself at night and so you need to make sure that you have prepared it properly so that you can maximise this restorative functions. Make sure that your skin is clear so that dirt and grime are not allowed to seep into your pores and that you apply the right treatments to give your skin the helping hand it needs. If you want some advice on beauty products you can take a look at our post on keeping your skin care products natural.

Keep up your sleep hygiene to promote a good night’s rest

In order to aid your sleep, you need to make sure that the area around your bed is clutter free and that your bed is as comfortable as can be. Think about investing in a memory foam mattress. This remembers the contours of your body, helping you have a great nights sleep every night.

Limit alcohol and cigarettes before bed

Cigarettes are a big no-no just before bedtime. They are a stimulant so smoking just before bed is almost like slapping yourself in the face to wake up, it is just not conducive to helping you sleep. It is also thought that nicotine withdrawal might cause you to wake up too early in the morning. Likewise, alcohol actually makes it easier to fall asleep but it prevents you from achieving deep sleep and often causes you to wake up earlier than you thought. There are lots of surprising things that are bad ideas before bed, do your research to find out what habits you should put an end to.

Eat the right kind of dinner

The last thing you want is to be lying in bed uncomfortably full trying to fall asleep. But, you don’t want to be hungry either because the thoughts of food might keep you awake as well as the sounds of your stomach rumbling! So make sure you have a nutritious dinner with plenty of protein several hours before bed so you have time to digest but aren’t feeling hungry yet.

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