Twenty Questions

I have seen on quite a few blogs recently and on things like Instagram where there are ‘Get to know you’ questionnaires or a few random facts about yourself. I saw one on here that I have used so you can know ‘All about (Family) U’…

1. Tell me something obvious about you: I am a wife and mother.

2. Tell me something about you that many don’t know: Those close to me know, but I have terrible vision. I am so short sighted its unreal. Thank goodness for contact lenses.

3. What is your biggest fear? I have had an irrational fear of my house burning down, since I was very young so the thought of that freaks me out – I don’t even know why, I’ve never been involved in a fire of any kind.

4. Do you normally go the safe route or take the short cut? It depends on what it is. I am very impatient so like the short cut but I like to plan and know something’s are best done the safe route.

5. Name one thing you want that you can’t buy with money: I guess you could technically buy it with money, with a personal trainer etc but to have the fitness to be able to one day run a marathon.

6. What is your most treasured possession? If family don’t count then it would have to be our house. We are very blessed to own one so know we need to take care of it and then it will take care of us.

7. What is the one thing you hate most about yourself that you do often? I don’t like to say I HATE anything, strongly dislike perhaps… Probably being too honest. By that I mean I need to be more tactful. As those that know me know, I don’t pull punches when it comes to airing my thoughts and it might bother some people.

8. What is your favourite lie to tell? What a strange question – does anyone have a favourite lie? I think probably when I lie to myself about ‘tomorrow’. I will restart the diet tomorrow, I will exercise more tomorrow. I will finish that project tomorrow…

9. Name something you’ve done once that you can’t wait to do again: go on holiday!! Bring on April.

10. Are you the jealous type? Again, it probably depends what in. With my husband? No. Of other people? Yes, I can be, depends how insecure I am feeling.

11. What is the one person, place or thing you can’t say no to? Person – Max. Place – cinema or theatre. Thing – some chocolatey calorific treat.

12. What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you? I like the random and small acts of kindness. When the husband has done something for me that I hate doing, like cleaning the windows, or when friends have brought over treats for us, offered to babysit etc.

13. If you could do something crazy right now, what would it be? Right this second? Ummm, do a crazy dance?!

14. When was the last time you felt so good that nothing else mattered? Yesterday, as it was Valentines Day I got completely spoilt by my love.

15. Do you feel comfortable in public with a swimsuit on? Not particularly, who does? But doesn’t stop me doing it. Even if I had the body I wanted I’m sure I would think of something else to be hung up about. Such is the way of the female.

16. Name something embarrassing you’ve done: hmmmm where to start. Been on a BBC game show. Watching  yourself back on TV is so cringe.

17. What is your favourite food / meal? I love food in all different forms but I love a good old Sunday Roast (especially if my hubs or father-in-law have made the gravy).

18. What song could be the theme tune to your life? I would like to think some fun and upbeat, I love a bit of Basement Jaxx so maybe Red Alert or Do Your Thing.

19. When did you know you were going to marry your husband? When he asked! Haha not quite. We did the long distance thing to start so I knew when we would spend hours and hours on the phone basically every night and I didn’t see it as a chore to do that. I knew as I was so excited to travel to see him or for him to travel to see me. I knew when he was top of the list of people I wanted to hang out with. Basically, when he became my best friend.

I wanted to make this 20 questions, so here is last one:

20. Describe yourself in 3 words: honest, fun, determined

Feel free to share the questionnaire – just remember to link back to the original blog where it was found (link at the start of the post).

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