Two Children & Zero Contractions

Probably not something that you hear everyday but I have two children and I have never been in labour.

It all started with my first child Max and at a few days overdue, I went to have my normal midwife check, hoping to see if something would get started / if I was dilated any. There were no midwives available that day at my GP surgery so after a few angry tearful phone calls, both my mum and hubs had persuaded me that as I was overdue, I should go for a check up at the hospital.

They went through the usual checks and then the check to listen for the baby came along. I was oblivious to what was going on really and just sat and read a magazine as they said they’d keep me on the monitor for a little bit longer. And a little bit longer. And a little bit longer.

Then they explained to me that the heartbeat was really erratic and dropped significantly so they were going to rush me in for an emergency C-section. Hubs hopped on a train back from work and as soon as he arrived I was rushed in.

Through lots of prayers and a fabulous NHS medical team, Max came into the world safe and healthy that evening, weighing 9lbs exactly, and I’m so grateful that I went to the hospital that day. I can’t bear to think about what might have happened if I hadn’t.


When I was getting ready for my second child’s birth two years later, I just presumed I’d go for a VBAC (I don’t know why but I hate that term). Everyone said that it looked that things would be well and safe to do  and that I had healed well from the previous section, so I thought that I’d give it a go. Anyway, fast forward to the last few weeks of pregnancy and I encountered several different problems including a reduction in amniotic fluid. As a result, to avoid losing more of the fluid, they would only let me go overdue by 7 days and I was scheduled in for what the consultant put as an induction or a C-section, as they thought the baby would be quite a large size so just had to see how things went.

When I got to the hospital the morning of the induction, more checks took place, had another sweep and they consultant told me that they would recommend me to have a C-section as her head was in an odd position and basically stuck. So, it was an elective section, in that it wasn’t an emergency, but it was recommended for me.

A few hours later, and lots of trouble getting Chloe’s head out, she was born at 8lbs12oz, ding healthy and well. As it turns out though, when I was in the recovery room, the surgeon came into me and said that externally my scar  from Max’s birth, looked neat and healed but internally it really wasn’t. As a result, if I had chosen a natural birth, it could have caused a lot of damage to my scar / womb and most likely ended up in a section anyway.

marchyyyI have been told that for future births I will have to have caesareans, so labour and contractions, is something that I will never experience. What I will experience though is pregnancy and bringing my babies into the world, with lots of love. I know a lot of people think that if you have a C-section you’re not a ‘proper’ mum as you haven’t actually given birth but in my case, as with many others, it would have caused a lot more damage if I had given birth the natural way. It could have caused so much more damage to my babies and I, so I’m proud of the way I had my babies, and proud to have two healthy, happy, gorgeous children.

Rebecca x

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  • I have had 2 babies and never been in labour either…..Part of me wants to know what contractions feel like but I am very happy with how I gave birth….I am happy to know I did what was right for my children from the very start 🙂

  • I do hate that some people think less of you if you’ve had c-sections. My twins were delivered by emergency c-section, so whilst I’ve experienced labour, 36 hours, I’ve never actually given birth. The most important thing, is that our children arrived safely, the method in which they make their entrance to the world really doesn’t matter.

  • So glad you listened to your instincts (and your family and doctors)! I’m shocked that someone would pass judgement on having c-sections whether they are elective or not … craziness! You looked lovely in your photos!

  • Thank goodness you had the c-section the second time! As other comments say, all that matters is that mom & baby are healthy. Sounds nice to not have contractions to me! You aren’t missing anything! Thanks so much for hosting #snotallaboutyou x

  • I can empathise. I have had two c – section births, my first was emergency though. I had a terrible recovery both physically and mentally but with my elective I recovered tremendously well. So I’m all for a ‘sun-roof’ birth. If it means mum and baby are better off, then why not?

  • Wow, I was about to go for a c-section after 30 hours and then they said i was ready to push and things changed! I do find these stories fascinating.

    Angela xx

  • Aww I think the whole day for both labours were the best experiences of my life, doesn’t matter how they came out as long as they do and without any damage to you or baby. Love hearing birth stories! xx

  • I have never heard anyone say that having a c-section does not make you a proper mum! At least not to my face haha (although I had two vaginal births, but still). That’s horrible. Any way you bring babies into the world is beautiful 🙂 #snotallaboutyou

  • I had very similar births and I 100% consider it giving birth although they were sections, I had an emergency first time and an elective 2nd and am so proud and relieved to have had safe, healthy babies, that is all that matters, you look amazing pregnant, suits you x

  • You’re not missing much by having no contractions! I have ‘given birth’ both ways and I can honestly say that I preferred the c-section! And of course the safest way to get the baby out is the best in my book! You look great pregnant by the way!

  • Same boat over here, 2 kids and never had a contraction! I don’t really feel like I missed out on much, they don’t sound like much fun! My first son was breech so we had no choice but to have an elective c-section and then I opted to have a second elective as the gap between them was pretty small and I was terrified of having issues with the previous scar tearing. As it turned out, despite having c-sections I had a fantastic birth experience both times and have no regrets. #sharewithme

  • I’ve had two babies by natural births, but there isn’t a lot you can do about what sort of birth you will have – it goes how it goes! I don’t really see why people would say it doesn’t count as a ‘proper’ birth. If you start going down that route, wouldn’t you have to also judge any woman who chooses to have an epidural as not having done it properly?? It’s pointless to judge. Everyone has their own set of medical circumstances, and actually everyone has their own pain thresholds too, and everyone has to do what works or what is needed for them. & you’re not really missing anything by never having a contraction – they aren’t really fun! I agree about the term VBAC – I think it sounds like some kind of international education certificate! #sharewithme

  • It counts as birth and I hate when judgey parents start with that kind of stuff. You grew a baby in your belly and brought them into the world doesn’t matter how. Simple as. I have had two natural births and have never really felt on going labor or contractions either as I slept threw both of my births until I was almost 9 cm dilated. So does that count as not births either because I woke up and they were both crowning both times this is what I ask those judgey people. You did amazing with what you had in front of you. Great post. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me, I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme