UK Travel Plans for the New Year

With young children it can be quite tempting to opt for a staycation instead of a holiday abroad. We do love travelling and like to have a couple of trips a year, but they can’t always be abroad, for my stress levels if nothing else!

Why on earth we decided to take a 14 month old Chloe, that is highly strung at the best of times, to Thailand, I will never know. Scarred for life haha! Once we were there it was fabulous. But the travel. Oh the travel! The stuff of nightmares. Thank goodness for a well behaved three year old, otherwise I would have just locked myself in the loo and cried. Oh wait, I did…


There are lots of places that I have never been in the UK though so we thought in 2016 it would be a good time to travel more around the UK. One city I would love to visit is Cambridge (at not just because I’m obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge)! I wonder why I haven’t been there before really? There is a lot to do. Particularly for a family like us that like to see a bit of history and culture and visit museums. My brother went to Oxford University so maybe we just didn’t visit Cambridge when I was younger, so as to not go near the rivals…



I’ll still always cheer for Oxford in the boat race, solidarity to my bro, but here are the top things to do to in Cambridge:

University of Cambridge

As much as it would pain me (just kidding), we’d have to take a trip to visit the University. One of the oldest Universities in England is a must. Plus, the architecture. Trinity College is one of the biggest and most stunning, from the pictures I have see. It was having founded in by Henry VIII – that kind of history just fascinates me!


There is the Fitzwilliam Museum which houses priceless treasures, artwork and antiquities. The Scott Polar Research Institute which has a museum going through the adventures of Scott himself.


This is the classic thing to do, right? No trip to would be complete without punting along the river. I know there are companies that will do it for you but I think hiring one and going out by ourselves would be the most fun. Not sure about doing that with the kids though, we’d have to see!

Historical attractions

There is evidence to suggest settlements in Cambridge from pre Roman times so there is so much culture and history to soak up. There are lots of churches to visit, which is something we enjoy. The Round Church sounds like a must, as does The Leper Chapel.

Along with these things, plus great shops and restaurants, I think it is a must on our list next year. Have you even been? I’d love to hear about it!

Rebecca x

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