UK Staycations: Coastal Stays vs. Country Stays

We are a little spoiled for choice in the UK when it comes to choosing somewhere for a staycation. Cities, countryside or by the coast; we have a lot of choice. But what are the differences in choosing a coastal break or a break in the countryside? Is it better to feel the sand in our toes or the mud on our shoes? Which do you find more appealing?

Coastal cottages are a country breaks holiday lettings agency based in Northumberland, and they have looked into the good and the bad of a break by the sea or a staycation in the country. Hopefully it will help you to plan your next trip.

Coastal Breaks

Sea views, good food and lots of things for all of the family to do, it isn’t that surprising that a whopping 38% of the top ten holidays involved trips to the beach last year, according to research compiled by the Association of British Travel Agents. Were you one of them? But the beach and the coast isn’t all that is on offer.

A break by the coast can also be a great way to unwind, being by the ocean, and chilling out can be good for the soul and the mind. Fresh sea air can help you to sleep, and the sound of the waves crashing is one of the ultimate ways to relax. It can be a great thing for nostalgia too, as you munch on fish and chips or grab some waffles as you stroll along the coastline. 

Coastal breaks do, however, have their drawbacks, as with anything. They can be more expensive than a countryside retreat, especially during peak season. And if you travel in peak season, then it can also mean that where you visit is a bit busier. You know what us Brits are like with a bit of sunshine and a beach! 

Country Breaks

If you live on one of the UK’s cities, then a break to the countryside can be a dream. Less people, less traffic, and less noise; the main draw could be to fulfil a desire for peace and quiet. But the treats of the countryside don’t stop there, as there are walks, stately homes, waterfalls, hikes, and stunning landscapes to take in. It can be a good way to get back to nature and de-stress a little.

If you little ones, then it can be a great place to spot plenty of wildlife and animals too, with birds a plenty, and cows, horses, and sheep in fields. There are plenty of farms and farm shops that you could explore too.

The drawbacks can be that there isn’t too much around. So if you’re self-catering, then it can be tricky if you’ve forgotten one main ingredient. While this remoteness does appeal to some, it doesn’t appeal to everyone. And not forgetting, phone signal might be limited in the countryside!

So, what is your favourite choice? Whether you see the remoteness of the country is what you crave or simply prefer the thought of old-fashioned seaside fun, there is something for everyone with a staycation in the UK this year.

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