The Basics of Planning the Ultimate Couples Wedding Shower

Many of today’s upcoming brides and grooms no longer wish to celebrate the events leading up to the nuptials separate. When you’re planning a bridal shower for the bride-to-be, you can shake things up with a non-traditional couple’s party. The following are his and hers ideas that your guests are sure to love.

Turning the Idea Into a Reality

The idea behind bridal showers are thoughtful, as they are intended to give the bride and groom a great start to their life as a married couple. But if you’ve ever attended this all-female event, it can be hard to stay awake while the intended is opening her endless pile of gifts. With grooms taking a part in the wedding planning, it makes sense to include them in on the wedding shower. A couples-themed wedding shower is closer to that of a dinner or cocktail celebration. You can even host an afternoon barbecue. If you have a nice backyard, choose a summer garden setting as the backdrop for your party. Use brilliant lights, candles and flowers from your yard,

Vary the Theme

Bridal showers no longer have to be classic affairs with finger sandwiches and scones. If you’re planning a his and hers couples shower, you can pick any type of theme. For a casual vibe, a barbecue with all the fixings is ideal for the casual couple. Serve barbecue pulled pork, baked beans, corn-on-the-cob and salads. Tables can be displayed with calico cloths and colorful bouquets of wild flowers. If your guests enjoy the age old tradition of Shisha smoking, glass hookahs take the practices to a higher level by providing a more pure and cleaner smoke. They can also add elegance and simplicity to your tables. Other wedding shower themes include a beach venue, sports or around-the-world celebration where you serve global cuisine.

Putting Together the Guest List

Couples showers are more of an intimate affair. When you’re putting together a guest list, steer clear of guests who aren’t quite keen on the new coed tradition. You also don’t want to neglect close family members who know the couple the best. If many of your friends are single, include a proper mix of both male and female guests. But alert everyone on the invitation that it won’t be your typical bridal shower affair as both sexes are invited.

Hearty Fare

If you’re hosting a co-ed bridal shower, salads, quiche and finger sandwiches may not be the heartiest of fare for most guest. While the barbecue theme can be a great menu for an afternoon couples wedding shower, there are other food items you can plan. For something on the elegant side, lobster mac & cheese is both hearty and classic to suit any palate. If your party is a mingling about sort of festivity, appetizers you can eat on the go make an excellent option. Suggestions include cheese, crackers, veggie platters, dips and mini sandwiches or sliders. If you don’t want to mess with an open bar, put together make ahead drinks such as sangria, margarita’s and daiquiri’s. Beer and wine is another easy self-serve beverage on-hand. You also want to have bottled water and soda for those who don’t imbibe. Put some champagne on ice, so you can toast the couple later in the party.

Games and Entertainment 

Showers can be slow moving affairs if you don’t plan them correctly. You can make it more fun and entertaining by having games and entertainment on-hand. As your guests arrive, have a video montage of the special couple going on a reel in the background. The photos can be of their time together leading up to the engagement. Q & A games to determine who knows the bride and groom best can liven up your party.

Traditional bridal showers are no longer solely a female event. As the groom takes on a more prominent role in the wedding, you’ll find more and more festivities include the opposite sex. The coed party also allows both sides of the family the opportunity to mingle and get to know each other better before the actual day of the wedding.

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