Updating Our Bedroom with Photowall

We have been in our home for over nine years now. And as we renovated and decorated the whole house when we moved in (it was in a real state), we are kind of getting to the point where we need to start doing up the whole house again. We’ve added an extension and done a few updates here and there, but there are a few rooms in need of a little love.

We are making 2020 the year to update our home, with new sofas being chosen and styles for all three bedrooms to be updated. We are going to start with our room and get a new bed, some built-in wardrobes, and paint it again. Then we will move on from there and update both of the children’s rooms with new beds for them both. They have outgrown how things are at the moment.

So I have started to look at what we could have in the bedroom to update it all. We want to move on from a neutral cream colour with brown furnishings, to more of a white and grey colour scheme.

We’ve got some bedside tables and table lamps ready to go, and the built-in wardrobes are booked in to be installed. So excited to get it all going! But what are we going to have on the walls?

I really like the Scandi style of decorating, and I want to update what we have on the walls in our bedroom to be more modern, and although we haven’t painted it yet or get our new bed, I have been looking at canvas prints that we can display. I fell in love with the Rise and Shine canvas print from Photowall. It is plain and simple, but I think that is kind of what I like about it. I like the size of the print too, as it looks good above the bed. I know it is going to look even better when we’ve decorated the room so that it matches it and looks more cohesive.

Photowall have a great range of prints to choose from, from modern art to murals, maps, and quotes. There is a great range to choose from and you can choose to have a canvas print, poster print, or even a wallpaper print, so there is something for everyone. The site was really simple to use, and I think that the prices are really reasonable for what you get.

The only issue I would point out is that the canvas print comes dismantled, so you need to put the canvas together yourself, with the print and the wooden beams. Everything comes with it, and there are instructions on how to do it. I just found it a little tricky, though it is a large print and was doing it by myself. So just something to bear in mind; make sure that you have someone to help you and it will make it much easier.

Do you have plans to redecorate your home in the new year? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the canvas was gifted in exchange for this post. All words and opinions are my own.

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