Practical Upgrades That Will Actually Make The Home Feel Happier

Home improvements are a priority for all homeowners. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to be swayed by clever marketing campaigns and the desire for luxury. In truth, this can warp your list of priorities, meaning that your investments into the home bring very little change. Learning to focus on the ideas that will actively enhance the property can make all the difference, much like getting modern shower cubicles, and happiness should be top of the agenda.

Here are five simple ideas that are sure to make the home a happier place to live. What more could any homeowner ever ask for?  

  • Focus on the bedroom by encouraging a better night’s sleep throughout the warmer months. A good night’s rest improves your appearance, energy levels, and general feelings towards the home. So, for all the improvements that can be made during your waking hours, this is the single greatest upgrade available. Additional ideas like changing the curtains may help too, but the bedding should be number one. Get this right, and there will be no rush to complete the other tasks.
  • Let technology complete the bulk of your home chores. Whether it’s using a robotic vacuum or a dishwasher, those devices will create more time for enjoying life. The fact that those machines will often produce greater results, meaning a cleaner and happier home, is a bonus. In many cases, modern appliances are built to use energy in an efficient manner too. If seeing a few extra pounds in your bank at the end of each month doesn’t raise a smile, what will?


  • Encourage increased natural sunlight by dressing the windows in an appropriate fashion. These great looking floor-to-ceiling patio door options will make living spaces feel bigger. When added to the practicality and function gained from combining these areas with the garden or patio, it becomes a no-brainer. Electric lighting features can take things to an even better level. Still, natural lighting is the key to obtaining the desired appeal.
  • Create an office space. This might not be possible for all households, but designating a room or a space for work is very rewarding. All members of the family use computers on a daily basis, and this area will provide a place for work and study. Converting garages and guest rooms are two very popular options, but the possibilities are endless. Aside from making the home functional and free from stress, this upgrade is likely to add value too.


  • Paint. It’s the simplest of improvements imaginable, but painting gives the whole home a fresh vibe. A new colour scheme can change the atmosphere. However, even a few new coats can work wonders for the general energy. This shouldn’t be limited to internal spaces either. Painting the outside walls can bolster your feelings towards the home each time you approach it. Once again, it needn’t be an overly expensive task, and you can even take a DIY approach.


Complete those five simple jobs, and you’ll be amazed at the impact it brings to the property. The house never felt so homely.

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  • Another thing that could make your home happier is purchasing Energy Star devices.
    Do you know how energy efficient your home appliances are?
    Are you sure it doesn’t consume more energy than it needs?
    If you noticed that your utility bills are actively increasing and your home appliances are pretty old, consider replacing them with Energy Star options. Since they may seem quite expensive to buy and install, you should consider second-hand devices with an Energy Star rating. This way, you can save money and give good appliances a new life.

  • Absolutely, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors make living spaces feel bigger and more cheerful.
    But remember, the bigger your windows and doors, the more heat they can transfer. As a result, it can make the heating and cooling your house less effective. Choosing windows or patio doors for your home, consider options with low-e glass. Most options with low-e glass have coatings on both the inside and outside glass panes. A low-e coating on the interior facing side of the window allows the glass to reflect heat back inside to reduce the heat lost from the interior to the exterior in the winter cold. A low-e coating on the outside reduces the amount of heat transferred into the home from outside during the hot summer months. Read the complete guide if you want to know more about this type of window and door:

  • Another “happy” upgrade you should consider is a smart thermostat installation. The significant benefit of having a smart thermostat is that you can set it to a lower temperature while you’re away and program it to be at your preferred temperature by the time you return. In summer, you can manage your air conditioner this way. So, with a smart thermostat, you have a comfortable temperature in your home while lowering the utility bills.

    • A good upgrade to think about, indeed! Another benefit of having a smart thermostat is that you can only heat or cool the rooms you are using to help save energy.

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  • I like the idea of installing floor-to-ceiling windows. However, it’s better to keep them closed during hot summer days, using blinds or blackout curtains. Otherwise, sun rays can pass throw them and heat your rooms, making your air conditioning system work harder and consume more energy.