Buying used Rolex watch models as an investment

The Rolex watch company is Swiss, having been established in Geneva, and has been famous for more than a century now (it was established in 1905). Due to the beautiful aesthetics of its models and to the distinctiveness they give to the people wearing them, the market for Rolex watches, be they brand new or used, is constantly growing.

As explained above, the Rolex brand does not lose value as time goes by and it has proven to be among the more fruitful and direct opportunities for investment time and again.
The timeless design of Rolex watches allows them to keep increasing their value, according to the styles and of the fashion of the times, something by means of which the owners of pre owned Rolex (you can find a selection on ) watches can sell them to an ever greater price.

The market for used luxury watches is more than healthy, allowing, through the aesthetic evaluation of vintage, the best possible prices for used luxury watches.
But where can these watches be safely bought and sold? And, most of all, who can help the owners of luxury watches invest in full safety?

The appraisal, restoring and purchasing services provided by those shops specialized in the field of luxury watches prove very useful, both when buying and when selling Rolex watches.
By means of a precise appraisal carried out by competent and skilful staff members, your investment will yield the maximum possible return, both when buying and when selling your used luxury watch.
Once the authenticity of your watch is warranted, your business can be considered as successfully ended.

The features and actions connected with buying and selling these items featuring a significant economic worth includes all the best brands in the field, such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and many others. Buying and selling used luxury watches allow the people involved to experience some of the most important brands in the world.
The fact that they are constantly in demand shows how the worth of these super luxury accessories may allow to consider buying and selling used luxury watches as one of the safest investments to be carried out over time within the huge world of High-end accessories. Some of the classic Rolex models are described below.

Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner model came out in 1953 as a tool for a professional deep sea diver, and it is still a fascinating accessory nowadays, more than 60 years later. This watch has been worn in many movies and it is known as James Bond’s watch.
The Rolex Submariner is considered as the most iconic Rolex.

This model is available in its stainless steel, 18-karat white or yellow gold or in its twin-coloured 18-karat yellow gold/stainless steel models. Prices vary according to the style and to the materials employed for each of these three models.

Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona model is the one favored by actors and other celebrities. It is, beyond all questions, one of the most iconic Rolex models. It was designed with professional racers in mind and it entered the market in 1963.

The Rolex Daytona model  features magnificently accurate graduations for its chronographer and speedometer, so much that pilots use them to gauge their speed. This watch is synonymous with absolute quality within the racing world.

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