Useful Gadgets for Parents

As all parents will know, being a parent isn’t always easy. We love our little ones more than life itself, but often, we wish that we could make life a little easier for ourselves. Believe it or not, we can, all it takes is a few handy gadgets, and we can make our lives much less stressful.

I am a mum who loves her devices. I have learnt that certain devices are a total godsend for us parents, as they make like that little bit easier. Intrigued? Of course you are, we all want an easier life, right?

To help you make life with kids, a little less stressful, here are four gadgets that you should consider investing in.


  1. Tablet

I am not the type of parent who believes in plonking her kids in front of the television for hours. However, when it comes to making long journeys, shopping trips and social events a little easier, I am all for allowing my little ones to use my tablet.

While I do, on the odd occasion let them watch kids’ television or movies on it, they are mostly allowed to play games. The best thing about this is that most games aimed at toddlers and young kids are educational. I get some peace and quiet and don’t have to worry about entertaining them while I drive or socialise, and they spend time learning.

  1. Nightlight

Every parent knows the struggle of getting the kids to bed on time. For some reason, children hate bedtime, which for us mums and dads, can be a real problem.

According to research, the main reason most children dislike going to bed is because they are scared of the dark. That’s why nightlights are an absolute must – they have cute designs, and most importantly, make bedtime a little easier.

Top tip: If your kids tend to wake up a little too early, the best nightlight to get them is a Gro-Clock. These are not only night lights, but they can also be used to teach your children when it’s time to get up.

  1. Kindle

I have always read to my little ones every night, no matter where we are. While I used to pack lots of books into my bag or suitcase when we were going away, now I stock my Kindle up with kids’ books instead. It’s much easier, and much less hassle.

As well as storybooks, you can also download picture books for your children to look at on their own. This is a great way to keep them entertained while you are getting on with chores or busy doing something else. Just make sure that you buy a kindle paperwhite cover if your children are going to be using it on their own. Kids are prone to dropping things, so it’s a good idea to protect your device, just in case of accidents.

  1. Blender

From making homemade soups to delicious smoothies, having a blender is a must for us mummies. We are all familiar with the struggle of getting our children to eat their five a day – it can be a real nightmare.

The best way to encourage your little ones to get all the fruits and veggies that they need is by blending them into soups and smoothies. Kids can be fussy when it comes to eating their greens, that’s why having a blender is incredibly useful.

Being a mum isn’t always easy, it can be a lot of hard work. From keeping your little ones entertained to getting all the vitamins into them that they need, being a parent can be tough. But by investing in the gadgets above, you can make life less stressful for yourself.

Rebecca x

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