Less Rah, Get Real: Vauxhall Crossland X Review

When it comes to family life, especially now as my children are now five and seven, it is all about getting from A to B smoothly, quickly, and with as little complaints as possible. When looking for a car, things like boot space were a massive must when it was all about fitting in a pushchair. But now, it is all about school runs, music lessons, sports sessions, and so on. So while a big boot space is a must, the space in the rest of the car, as well as versatility and full economy need to be taken into account.

First Impressions

I shared on my Instagram about getting to try out a Vauxhall Crossland X with the children over the summer holidays, and mentioned how there should be a ‘Top Gear for Mums’. Because, to be honest, I couldn’t care less about the top speed of the car. Fuel economy is more important to me, as well as the fact that with the journeys we make with kids in tow, we are never going too far so never need to have that speed. There were quite a few that agreed with me…! So enter, the Crossland X.

You might have seen its TV ad with parents running away from their muddy children, other than the parent with the Crossland x, and I think that sums it up; it is a great car for families.

In short, the Crossland X is like a combination between an SUV and mini-van. When you first look at the car, you can see the high grille and lights at the front of the car, similar to an SUV, plus a relatively flat bonnet. But what I liked about it is that it isn’t as chunky to boxy as many SUVs are. It is ‘regular’ width, for want of a better word, making things like paring really easy, not like some similar cars that are quite bulky at the sides. It doesn’t have a 4×4 option though, so don’t confuse it as an SUV. It is definitely somewhere in the crossover section; hence the name I suppose.

The priority with the Crossland X is cabin space and the family-friendliness of the vehicle. As I was mentioning about it being quite like a regular car, but having the height of an SUV, it is actually 16cm shorter than an Astra. So it is a good option if you want a sporty looking car that is great for families, but don’t want it to be huge and bulky. Smaller car parking spaces, here you come!


I find the car really easy to drive and get to grips with. There are six-speed options, but it can depend on the engine you choose. The changing gear was slightly chunky, but a solid action. We were trying out the 1.2 petrol version and found it drove well. It has the get-up-and-go to zoom away from roundabouts with enough zip to get you about, that it is up there with many sports saloon cars. It isn’t noisy or clunky, so when you’re driving off, it isn’t one of those cars that is going to disturb the peace.

One of the things that I was most impressed with, and what is different from the nearly seven year old car that we currently drive, is that there are a healthy choice of driver assists, making a lot of things automated, which can be so handy when you’ve got the kids in the car and have plenty of other things that could distract you; one less thing to think about. Things like the traffic sign recognition and lane departure warning are standard in the Crossland X, and are great features. You can get options for things like head-up display, LED headlights, and a panoramic rear-view camera. Not to mention self-steering auto parking for some models. I am a massive fan of the rear-view camera, though; really helpful.

Even the windscreen wipers were automated. Once activated they will go according to how wet the screen is. I think this is something that shows just how up to date the car is, and why it makes a great choice for families. The navigation system is great too, as well as the fact that you have on-board wifi. Another great thing for driving kids and teens around, especially on longer journeys.

Inside the Car

Inside the Crossland X, there is a lot of useful space, especially as it is a relatively short car. Everyone in the car sits high and has a really good view. The children really liked this aspect, as did I. Our current car is quite low, and sitting up high just made me feel safer and give a better view of the road and what is going gone around me. I found the seats to be comfortable, with plenty of space for them, and all aspects of the seat were adjustable, so you can get it to fit you just was you want it. The material choice for the seats and quality of the interiors are well up to par.

Behind the seats is a really deep boot, with something that I hadn’t seen before; a dual-level floor. You can have it like a regular boot, that is still large, for school bags and shopping, or move the sliding panel to open up the boot to be even deeper. So great for travel, or for fitting in a huge pushchair.

Overall Review

To look at, I don’t think it is my favourite car ever. But there are many practical logical reasons why it makes a great choice for a family car.

I liked the high up and ‘kind of’ SUV aspect of the car, but the size of it is really appealing; easy to park and so on. It has very sensible ergonomics, is really practical, and just a good car to drive. Not to mention plenty of room for children in the back, as well as all that is required and that comes along with children. Plus, the wifi inside is a big sell for families, especially if you have for a number of years, it is something that can always be useful as your family grows.

For the price that the start at, £17,695, I think you get good value for money. It is not top-range, but it has never tried to be. It is all about family life and fitting in to make aspects of it simpler.

Have you heard of the Vauxhall Crossland X before? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the Crossland X was a loan in exchange for review. All opinions are our own.

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