Vegan Banana Pancakes

Pancake day isn’t that far away anymore so I was looking for a healthy, vegan recipe for pancakes. Great for those of us that are carrying on from veganuary into this month too (its totally a thing)!

These pancakes are so easy to make and so perfect for weekend breakfasts too. My kids love them as much as the hubs and I so works well for us all. We still haven’t decided if you should have a normal meal on pancake day and then have pancakes, or you just have pancakes for dinner (I think the latter). What happens in your house? I’m from Yorkshire and he’s from Kent, so thinking it is a North/South thing!

Top tip for cooking these though is to make sure that you wait a few minutes for the baking powder do its thing – that’s what makes these pancakes nice and fluffy. I’ve tried other vegan pancakes before and they can be quite stodgy. These are just as good, nay better, than the real thing. I prefer them to ones used with just mashed banana and flour too as I found they would just make a big gloopy mess.

When you are ready to fry them, use a fair amount of a vegan cooking oil (coconut oil or just cold pressed olive oil work well) – you don’t want any pancakes sticking to the pan! Don’t raise the heat too high either or it might burn from the sugar in the bananas.

I like to top mine with maple syrup but go for any toppings that you love. Things like chopped nuts, extra bananas, date syrup or berries would go well with them.




Enjoy pancake day next week and do let me know if you give these a try – I’d love to know what you think to them. If you have any other pancake recipes, please feel free to share the link to them below.

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